Historical Commission

Contact:  Sonia Morrison or Diane Provenz
Address: One North Main Road, Otis, MA 01253
Phone: (413) 269-0100
Email: otishistoricalcommission@gmail.com
Meetings: see posted meeting schedule; meet once to twice a month
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Sonia Morrison
June 30, 2019
Judith MabeeJune 30, 2019
VacantJune 30, 2019
Thomas GarveyJune 30, 2020
Diane ProvenzJune 30, 2021
Lauretta HarrisAlternate MemberJune 30, 2019
Thomas RagusaAlternate MemberJune 30, 2019
Celeste WatmanAlternate MemberJune 30, 2019
The Town of Otis Historical Commission is dedicated to the preservation of historic buildings, landmarks, trails, cemeteries, and Indian burial grounds. We assist people who are searching for their ancestral information. We also will assist people trying to receive grants from the MA Historical Commission, along with how to get on the National Register of Historic Places.

65 Miles to Albany Milestone!  Photographs by Cynthia Flint-Ragusa