Historical Commission Meeting Agenda 05/11/2022

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  1. Review and approve minutes for April Meeting
  2. Starting with Great News – The Otis Center Historic District which had been approved by

By MA HIstorical has now BEEN APPROVED to be placed on the National Historic Register Kudos to all.

Discuss potential signage at the North and South ends of this new District.

  1. Progress report from Joel Meyers on the EOS and on St Paul’s

Next steps for each property

  1. Status of grant for EOS – matching funds from the Town and OPT.  (Gail)
  2. Status of grant for St Paul’s – Lynne Geane
  3. Preparation for Town Meeting May 17 – Article 13 – $25,488 from Town for St Paul’s
  4. Tentative results of Town survey for Naming and use of St Paul’s. (Stephanie)
  5. Update Knox Trail Video from Jessica – drone footage retrieved next steps
  6. Update of the Friday group – status of findings from the museum -Celeste
  7. Surveyer for Property Behind St Paul’s – Diane
  8. New Sign for Donations to replace thermometer.
  9. $11,000 approval for OHC included in Town Budget
  10. Knox Trail update – Tom Ragusa – approval of $621.78 for work on KT okayed by Brandi to be taken from the $5000 the Town approved at May,2021 Town Meeting.

Any remainder of that $5000 will be carried over to the next fiscal year.

By Pass Lot – how to approach

  1. Promote Pops Peterson Notice Otis Series Thursday May 18, at Town Hall at 7PM – also on ZOOM.
  2. Next Meeting Date Tuesday June 7 at 11AM



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