Plumbing Inspector

Contact: Brian Middleton, Plumbing Inspector
Address: One North Main Road, Otis, MA 01253
Phone: 413-269-7269 -Middleton
Phone: 413-822-5688 – Levernoch
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Brian Middleton, Plumbing Inspector(413) 269-7269
Mark Levernoch, Asst. Plumbing Inspector

Base fee:  $100.00            This is for single or double inspection permit categories

Dwelling-complete home – $200.00 New build = base fee $100.00 + $200.00= $300.00

Underground $50.00  Underground conduit, gas line, water lines in addition to the base fee.

Base fee $100.00 + Underground $50.00 = $150.00

Commercial Use:  $250  Plus any additional category fee. (underground)

Propane gas tanks, above ground and underground, require an inspection and permit from the Fire Department as well as the gas permit and fees.