Municipal Light Plant

MLP Manager: Larry Gould
Address: One North Main Road, PO Box 237, Otis, MA 01253
Phone:  413-207-4027
MLP Finance Officer: Jill Moretz
Meetings:  Quarterly MLP Board Meetings
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Otis Fiber On-boarding Policy

Municipal Internet:           $0.00
Residential Internet:        $69.95
Commercial Internet:       $69.95
Phone:                             $14.99 plus taxes and fees
Phone Only:                    $49 plus taxes and fees
Static IP:                        $15 each
Activation Fee:                   None
Seasonal Disconnect:       Not available
Shut off for Non-Pay:       Minimum balance collected
Cold Drops:                         Offered – subscriber covers costs
Conversion Cost from Cold Drop: N/A
Construction Cost:            Customer provides conduit and town covers cost for drop pull and/or aerial drop with inside installation.
Installation Billing:            If any cost associated, estimated install cost collected up front.
Temporary Drop:               Case by Case Basis
Construction Disconnect:  No Cost disconnect and reconnect for construction with notice.


Otis MLP Mission Statement

The mission and goal of the Otis Municipal Light Plant is to create and develop through energy and technology, a better living and working experience for the community as a whole.

To: Provide innovative energy and telecommunications technology to the greater Otis Community.
To: Search out and deliver these new ideas to improve the lives of our residents and customers.
To: Provide the services that will develop from these technologies at the highest level possible.
To: Provide these technologies and services to all.

Take the Massachusetts Statewide Digital Equity Survey!

The Otis Municipal Light Plant, MLP, has engaged with The Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Berkshire Regional Planning and the towns of Washington, Windsor, and Becket in a Digital Planning Grant.  We ask that you invest five minutes to complete the Statewide Digital Equity Survey to help us better understand your needs when it comes to computers and internet access.

Our local responses to the statewide planning survey will help us provide equipment, training, and internet services directly to residents from action grants in the near future.

Click the Digital Equity Survey link here. SURVEY