Police Department

Contact: Daniel Hamill
Chief of Police
Address: One North Main Road, Otis, MA 01253
Phone: 269-0100 ext. 6 (non-emergency)
Emergency: For EMERGENCY, dial 911
Hours: Office hours Thursday 6:00 pm- 8:00 pm
E-Mail: townofotispd@gmail.com 
Additional LinksStaff
NameTitleTerm Expires
Daniel HamillInterim Police Chiefundetermined
SergeantJune 30, 2020
Charles "Chip" Whiting IIIPolice OfficerJune 30, 2020
Bryan ArnoldPolice OfficerJune 30, 2020
Dave HamillPolice OfficerJune 30, 2020
Martin MayberryPolice OfficerJune 30, 2020
Christopher JacksonPolice OfficerJune 30, 2020
Miguel SantanaPolice OfficerJune 30, 2020
Kenneth PettibonePolice OfficerJune 30, 2020

The Town of Otis Police Department has a Wellness Check program available for all citizens of Otis.  You can use this service for medical well-being checkups, checks in case of inclement weather, or for peace of mind.  Please click on the link above to get your form to submit to the Police Department.