Town Collector

Contact: Destiny Duris
Town Collector
Address: One North Main Road, PO Box 236, Otis, MA 01253
Phone: (413) 269-0100 Ext. 110  FAX: (413) 269-0111
Hours: Monday – Thursday, 8:00am – 4:00pm
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Pay current and past due Real Estate, Personal Property, and Sewer taxes online: . There is a 10 calendar day grace period for all current up to date taxes.*

Motor Vehicle Excise Tax
Pay current or outstanding bill(s):

Note, if you owe previous years taxes they are not included with your current bill. Each year is a separate account and you will only see a past due balance message appear near the current amount due. ~ Any delinquent taxes in tax title are NOT offered to pay online and must be obtained by the Town Treasurer.

FY 2024 Real and Personal Property

1st Quarter Issued July 1, 2023 & Due August 1, 2023

2nd Quarter Issued October 1, 2023 & Due November 1, 2023

3rd Quarter Issued January 1, 2024 & Due February 1, 2024

4th Quarter Issued April 1, 2024 & Due May 2, 2024


FY 2024 Sewer Due Dates

1st Quarter Issued August 1, 2023 & Due September 1, 2023

2nd Quarter Issued November 1, 2023 & Due December 1, 2023

3rd Quarter Issued February 1, 2024 & Due March 1, 2024

4th Quarter Issued May 1, 2024 & Due June 3, 2024


FY 2023 Real and Personal Property

1st Quarter Issued July 1, 2022 & Due August 1, 2022

2nd Quarter Issued October 1, 2022 & Due November 1, 2022

3rd Quarter Issued January 1, 2023 & Due February 1, 2023

4th Quarter Issued April 1, 2023 & Due May 1, 2023


FY 2023 Sewer Due Dates

1st Quarter Issued August 1, 2022 & Due September 1, 2022

2nd Quarter Issued November 1, 2022 & Due December 1, 2022

3rd Quarter Issued February 1, 2023 & Due March 1, 2023

4th Quarter Issued May 1, 2023 & Due June 1, 2023


FY2023 PP & RE Demands Issued September 1, 2023 & Due September 15, 2023



Delinquent taxes for 2019 Real Estate and prior have been put into Tax Title as well as 2019 Subsequent Tax Title. For more information on Tax Title accounts please contact Jessica Horan, Town Treasurer- 413-269-0100 x 108. Any other inquires can made with the Collector.

Delinquent taxes for Personal Property 2013 and prior have been turned over to the Collection Agency. For more information contact FHC & Associates, 1600 Osgood St, Suite 2-120 North, North Andover, MA 01845. 877-750-9801.
The Town Collector serves you as …
The Town Collector’s office is responsible for the collection of taxes and charges as levied or assessed by the proper authorities. ~The primary concern is safeguarding and accounting of all public funds. ~As an individual contributor, the incumbent must proceed diligently with the collection process while establishing and maintaining good public relations with the taxpayers of the town.
Collection Process
Real Estate, Personal Property, Excise Tax and Sewer Warrants are committed to the Town Collector from the Board of Assessors and the Sewer Commissioners. ~The Collector prepares a commitment book and bills; bills are then sent to all whom are assessed.
Payments are either made in person by the Taxpayer at the Town Hall Collectors office or mailed through the Post Office. You can also use your banks online bill pay. If you would like a receipt mailed back to you please include a self addressed stamped envelope.
Receipts and bills are reconciled and are deposited at the bank on a daily basis.
All bills are due thirty days (30) from the issue date or thirty days (30) from the date of the mailing, whichever is later. ~After that time has elapsed, interest is calculated and a demand charge is place on the unpaid bill and a Demand Bill is then mailed to the Taxpayers. ~That bill is due and payable within fourteen (14) days. ~If the bill still remains unpaid, appropriate action is then taken to facilitate collection. ~(i.e. Notice of Delinquency, Notice of Warrant, in the case of Real Estate, a Notice of Advertisement and the process of Tax Title may be initiated.)
Municipal Lien Certificates are prepared upon a written request from an attorney or taxpayer. ~A fee of $25.00 is paid to the Town of Otis for this document. ~This certificate verifies the status of the tax which can be either paid or unpaid. ~This document is then recorded at the Registry of Deeds.
The Town Collector is responsible for the billing and collection of all municipal taxes (real estate, personal property and excise tax). ~In addition, the Collector’s department is responsible for the printing, billing and collection of the sewer usage tax. ~
The Deputy Collector for the Town of Otis is Kelley & Ryan Associates. Located at 3 Rosenfeld Dr. Hopedale, MA 01747. PO Box 203 Milford, MA 01757. Call toll free 1-800-239-2155 Monday – Friday 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Or go online at to pay outstanding excise.

Destiny Duris, Collector