Otis Historical Commission Meeting  July 5, 2022 Minutes

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Otis Historical Commission Meeting 

July 5, 2022 Minutes


Approval of minutes from June 7, 2022

In attendance: Diane Provenz, Joel Meyers, Gail Gelburd, Tricia Smith,

Guest: Lynne Geane, Donna Thomas



East Otis Schoolhouse Update: The building has been moved and the concrete will be poured



Grant received from MA Historical $100,000 Emergency Grant.

Reimbursements like the EOS grant

RFP will be available to send out by September 1,

Access will be allowed for Circuit Riders only, for July 15 visit

Lawnmowing: will talk to Larry and Brandi

Fence will not be removed right now because of some loose boards

Michael & Katie Grossman donation to OPT for the church

Name of building – presented to Select Board at next meeting as

Otis Cultural Center at Historic St Paul’s

Surveyor –  update from Taconic Land. They have come out and they are working on it



Diane Meeting with Tom Ragusa and will do part of the hike on Wednesdays



  1. Notice Otis Series

Library Fair with Charles Flint

Marrionettes Show July 30 near EOS, above Papas or change to Town Hall area

Flyer Distribution needed

  1. Send Ideas for 2022 – 2023 to Hilary
  2. Farmers Market – Staffing for July (Geoff)

Table Set Up

  1. Otis Landscape Prints for Sale celebrating the Town Center being on the National Register of Historic Places

Locations to put it up – L & M, Katie’s, Library

  1. Community OHC/OPT Celebration at Geoff Pigman’s –  August 11, 2022 Thursday at 4




Pomeroy Grant: Lynne Geane is working on it for us. We need three signs. She is waiting for the town to approve the locations since they will go on town property.


Sign for St. Paul’s: Preservation works sign. Estimate was $350 without installation. Joel will send specs to Diane.


New Business

Town Landscape Prints: Got a frame from Michaels. Will try to put one up at Papas, Katies, Poultry Farm


June Crandall historical materials. Lynn Pyenson will handle it