Historical Commission Meeting Agenda 05/02/2023

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AGENDA FOR MAY 2, 2023, 4:30 PM

Otis Historical Commission Zoom Meeting

Diane Provenz is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.


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Approval of Minutes APRIL 11, 2023

Preservation Activities:
Otis Cultural Center at Historic St Paul’s
RFP (Joel)
UPDATE Concerning Powder Post Beatles. (Joel)
Progress on Land Transfer for Meditation Garden. (Diane)
East Otis School House
STATUS – Report submitted by Joel. – with much gratitude

Knox Trail
UPDATE. (Tom – hike with the Trail Riders)
Video. (Diane)

Historic District Signage (Lynne)

Community Activities:
Archives and Museum (Celeste)
Notice Otis events (Hilary).
Hal Kobrin – Activities

Volunteers update (Gail)

Funding Activities
OPT report (Lynne-Stephanie )

Update on grant activities (Gail)
Pomeroy (Lynne)
MCC (Gail)
Chattel Acquisition (Lynne )
New Business. Hire a Professional for Town Planning
Next Meeting Date