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Town of Otis Employment Application


Request for Applicants


The Board of Selectmen will make appointments to Town Offices for Fiscal Year 2020 prior to June 30, 2020.  INCUMBENTS INTERESTED IN BEING CONSIDERED FOR RE-APPOINTMENT ARE ASKED TO NOTIFY THE BOARD OF SELECTMEN IN WRITING NO LATER THAN MONDAY, JUNE 1, 2020.  Other residents interested in appointment of any of the following listed offices are requested to fill out an “Appointment Application Form” and submit same to the Board of Selectmen by Monday, June 1, 2020.  Said form may be obtained on the town website at Town of Otis Appointment Application , or by contacting the Selectmen’s office at or call 269-0100 ext. 103 and one will be forwarded to you. All terms are for one year expiring June 30, 2021 unless otherwise noted.


Animal Control Officer

Berkshire Regional Planning Com. Alternate

Berkshire Regional Planning Com. Delegate

Board of Registrars (one, three-year term)

BOH Agent

BOH Agent Asst.

Building Insp. Asst.

Building Inspector

Building Use Subcommittee (ten, one-year term)

Celebration Committee (six, one-year term)

Civil Def. Director Asst.

Civil Defense Director

COA (two, three-year term)

COA Alternate

Conservation Commission Alt

Conservation Commission (two, three-year term)

Constable (five, one-year term)

Cultural Council (two, three-year term)

Del S. Berk. Waste Asst

Del S. Berk. Waste

Election Clerk

Election Warden

Elections (Inspect/Deputy Warden)

Elections (Inspector/Deputy Clerk) VACANT

Emergency Mgmt. Director

Energy Committee (nine, one-year term)

Field Driver

Fire Chief

Fire Chief Asst.

Forest Fire Warden

Highway Superintendent

Historical Commission (one, three-year term)

Historical Commission Alt (two, one-year term)

Investment Policy Committee (three, one-year term)

Municipal Lighting Plant Manager

Plumbing Insp. Asst.

Plumbing Inspector

Police Chief

Police Officer (seven, one-year term)

Police Officer-Part Time

Recreation Commissioner (two, three-year term)

Recreation Commissioner Alt Vacancy

Safety Officer

Sanitation Inspector

Sanitation Inspector Asst Vacancy

Scholarship Committee (one, three-year term)

Tax Title Custodian

Technology Committee (six, one-year term)

Town Accountant

Town Collector

Town Counsel

Veteran’s Agent

Water Operator

Wire Inspector

Wire Inspector Asst.

ZBA (one, five-year term)

ZBA Alternate (two, one-year term)