Library Meeting Minutes 05/12/2022

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Otis Library & Museum April Minutes* Hybrid Conducted on Zoom

Thursday, May 12, 2022, 6:00 PM

In-Person Members present: Diane Dyer, Chair, Sue Brofman, Susan Ebitz, Lois Hall, Gloria Mamokhin Donna Rich and Celeste Watman, NO one joined on Zoom.

Chair Diane Dyer called the meeting to order at 6:15 PM.

Approval of Minutes

Susan E. made a motion, seconded by Donna to approve the April Meeting Minutes. The motion was unanimously passed.

Treasurer’s reports: A motion was made by Susan E., seconded by Donna to accept the March Treasurer’s Report. The treasurer’s report was unanimously approved.

Director’s Report: * (Unedited)

Attendance Increasing , Average 20-30, No masks required but they are available

Circulation: Increasing 157 circulations this week, Holds requested 45, filled 23, Delivery 5 bins, 3 Wednesday, 2 Friday, New registrations, 4

Acquisitions: Books (8)     &   DVD’s (6) Museum Passes:  All renewed, added Ma Audubon, and Trustee Reservations Go Passes (200).

Small Library Pilot Program there will not be an article on the town meeting warrant

ALA Diversity Otis Grant waiting to complete order

BLADES       We have not heard about a visit from Boston Bruins Mascot Blades to visit either July 2 or August 6 for Story Walk; or July 9 at the Otis Library Country Craft Fair

 Children’s Summer Reading Program Still waiting for dates/confirmation JUNE Juneteenth reading by Steve Otfinoski, JULY Autobiographies / Biographies Searching for identities, AUGUST    TY Allan Jackson   Family Children Presentation Making a Difference

OTIS LIBRARY NAME Change. all library associations have been informed of the name change.  (MBLC, MLS, CWMARS)

Insurance Policies:  Paul Viale has taken care of correcting name change on all 3 insurance policies

Bank Accounts need to be changed Sue Brofman & Diane need to do this because signatures are need

Book donations being accepted, we will need some volunteers to help organize books.

Summer Hours begin May 31: Staffing: June: Kathy & Lois, July & August: Kathy, Lois, Kerry, Kathy Crowe (1) waiting to see if Kyle is   available if not, we may have to hire one more person September -October:    Kathy & Lois, Kerry

Old Business 

  • Small Library Pilot Program there will not be an article on the town meeting warrant Shutesbury will vote to fund or not fund the project on May 21th
  • StoryWalk: Donna reported that a “live” walk will kick off on Saturday, April 16th and feature the book “We are Water Protectors,” the first ever Caldicott book written by a Native American. Susan added that book is most appropriate for Earth Day and will remain up through April 30th. Both trustees are grateful to Otis Cultural Council for the gift of the laminator and to Lois for making the copies.

New Business

Otis Library Fair: We have 16 committed vendors. Celeste will submit the vendor ad to the Otis Observer and Susan will repost on social media on the Otis/East Otis, Connect Sandisfield her personal site and will send to the Town of Otis news. She will join other community groups: Lee, Lenox, Gt. Barrington and Pittsfield and publicize our events on those sites.

  • Subcommittees
  • Publicity – Arlene’s friend will design the flyer/poster once the information is tabulated.
  • Tony will cook eggplant rollatini, pasta, garlic bread
  • Food – Sue B. and Chef Tony will be offering “A Taste of Italy”. Tony will cook eggplant rollatini, pasta, garlic bread. Gloria will make cucumber salad. 200 meals will be made, Susan E. will provide 5 gal. iced tea and 5 gal. of lemonade.
  • Raffle – Tickets will be sold in advance as well as the day of the fair. Trustees will each be given 50 tickets. Tickets will be $2 each, 3 for $5 or 6 for $10. Tom Burke will coordinate soliciting prizes from other businesses in town. Celeste is donating a chain saw. Staff and Trustees are donating baskets that can be used for the raffle: Automotive and Movie Basket (Lois), Children’s Books (Gloria), Health & Wellness (Donna), Beach (Diane), Sports (Sue B.) Antique (Celeste), Breakfast (Susan E.)
  • Family & Children’s Activities – Donna & Susan coordinating with Leigha Chaffee from Diverse Otis, Otis Cultural Council and the Otis Police department. Rachel will assist with face painting. The Otis Police helped secure the Copicicle Truck
  • Set -up – Day of ?
  • Clean up – Everyone
  • Entertainment – Bruce Mandel is unable to perform. The Cultural Council is paying for a potter. A generator will be used for electricity if safe.
  • Bake Goods – Diane Dyer will ask Ruth Tessler and work this table. Items will be individually wrapped and/or plated.
  • Book Sale – At the library, stuff a bag for a set price.
  • Parking Cars – Jim Ebitz will do it.
  • Safety – Police have been contacted
  • Sue B. will check with town maintenance about helping to set up and take down tables.
  • Community Tables: The Otis Preservation Trust will sponsor Charles Flint, for townspeople to bring an antique item for appraisal.


Sunshine Fund recommendation: From Kathy: A sum of money is deposited in a special account so when an event happens and a gift, flowers, donation, etc., is needed the person in charge uses this account.  This way there is no need for posted meetings, or quorums.  The person in charge reports expenditures at monthly meeting. Susan E. raised the question of should this money be collected from individual members of the staff and trustees or come from library funs. No action was taken.

OTHER: The board voted to continue to meet at 6:00 even though the library will be open till 7:00.

Diane expressed a desire to step down as “chair.” No action was taken.

Motion to adjourn was made by Celeste and seconded by Gloria. The meeting was adjourned at 8:05.


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary

Next Meeting: June 9, 2022,

Future Meetings:  LIBRARY FAIR, July 9, meeting July 14, August 11, September 8, October 13, November 10, December 8