Planning Board Meeting Minutes 06/13/2022

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Town of Otis
Planning Board Meeting Minutes June 13, 2022

Call to order 7:01 PM

1. Roll Call: Call to order
Jen Daily-Chair
Rona Knight
Terry Cook-Visser
Jim Kauffman
Barbara Gallagher

2. Review of April Minutes
Jim motion to accept the minutes as written, Jen second, all in favor.

3. Wireless bylaw update
Plan to schedule public meeting for review of bylaws

4. Received Jen’s resignation letter.

5. Form A review of plans.Terry motion for approval, Jim second, all in favor

6. Elect new chair. Jen nominated Terry, Jim second, Terry accept, all in favor. Motion passes
Terry Cook Visser is the new chair

7. Any other business, None.

8. Jen made a motion to adjourn 7:24 PM, Barb second, all in favor.