Planning Board Meeting Minutes 04/11/2022

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Town of Otis

Planning Board Meeting Minutes April 11, 2022



  1. Roll Call Members: Hal Kobrin, Jen Daily, Rona Knight, Jim Kauffman

Absent: Barbara Gallagher

Attendees: Teresa Gould, Larry Gould, Steve Salvini, Annette Lily, Deana Traversa, Tom and Kim Dawly, Stephanie M.

  1. The Meeting was called to order by Hal at 7 P.M.
  2. Review of the Minutes: The minutes were amended and sent to Lyn Minery.

Jim motioned to accept the minutes with the change. Rona seconded. All in favor.

  1. The board interviewed Christina Fluckiger for the position of PB Clerk. Christina stayed to hear the rest of the meeting.
  2. Steve Salvini presented documentation and drawings for an ANR of well easement and lots for 81 and 85 Gibbs Road in Otis and Blandford. Jen motioned to accept the ANR; Hal seconded; All in favor.
  3. Wireless Bylaw was discussed again. The board decided to strike from the proposed bylaw. Hal made the motion; Rona seconded; All in favor. In addition, was also eliminated from the proposed bylaw. Jen made the motion; Hal seconded; All in favor. Jen made the motion to send the amended bylaw to the Selectboard; Hal seconded; All in Favor.
  4. Short Term Rental Bylaw was discussed. Jen asked the audience to express their views and concerns. The board answered all their concerns and it was decided that the STR bylaw needed further amending. A subcommittee was formed including Larry Gould, Rona Knight, and Jim Kauffman. This subcommittee will review the present iteration of the bylaw, make the necessary clarifications, and resubmit it to the Planning Board for discussion at the May meeting. Jen made a motion to form the subcommittee; Rona seconded; All in favor.
  5. The public was asked to leave and the board went into Executive Session to discuss hiring Christina. Motion was made by Jen; Jim seconded; All in favor. We sent the application on to the Selectboard to review for the 4/12/2022 meeting.
  6. Jen made a motion to end the meeting at 8:37 P.M.; Jim seconded; All in favor.