Otis Technology Committee Meeting Minutes April 20, 2021

Otis Technology Committee

Meeting Minutes

Tuesday April 20, 2021

5:00 pm

Members attending: Larry Gould, Bill Hiller, Frank Tolopko, Steve Schultze

Public attendee: Ann O’Donnell, Jim Rabbit, Eric McLeod

1. Call to order: At 5:00pm Larry Gould called the meeting to order and Bill Hiller read the

Governor’s guidance on public meeting (text is below). A moment was taken to honor the

passing of George Mabee a member of the Technology Committee for almost a decade. Geroge

had experience in the telecom industry for many years before starting his own business

providing satellite service to many in the area. George will be sorely missed both for his

contributions to the technical side of many discussions and for the human side which is often

forgotten as we attempt to do the town’s business. Thank you, George.

 Pursuant to the Governor’s March 12, 2020 order suspending certain provisions of the Open Meeting Law,

G.L. c. 30A, Sec 18, this meeting is being held via remote participation to the greatest extent possible.

Every effort is being made to ensure that any member of the public may access the meeting in real time, via

technological means. Agendas will be amended to show the link and participation code to access the

meeting no sooner than 48 hours before. Recordings and/or draft proceedings of the meeting will be

available on our website as soon as possible.

2. Continue VOIP phone discussion.

Jim Rabbit and Eric McLeod from Partners Technology reviewed an updated VOIP proposal

that outlined three options; hosted, non-hosted, and hybrid. The Tech Committee discussed the

three options with the vendor at length and requested additional information regarding other

towns which may have operated under these constructs and a more direct cost comparison of the

three options including any known add-ons such as the server (including costs for support to the


3. Broadband Updates.

Installation process has commenced in the Otis Woodlands community. Estimate completion by

1st week in May. Discussion regarding state drop grant and the need to review submission at the

end of May. Discussion regarding CAF II (Connect America Fund, Phase II) grant and when

Otis may see those funds arrive. Discussion regarding status of the current ISP (internet service

provider) agreement and the fact that it expires in the near future.

4. Old and New business.

Continued discussion regarding surveillance cameras for Town Hall and grounds and where to

find possible sources of funding.

5. Adjourn: 6:24pm