Otis Celebration Committee Minutes 06/02/2016

Minutes from Otis Celebration Day Committee

June 2, 2016

Meeting called to order 8:45 am


Sonia Morrison Kobrin

Vicki Ernst

Arlene Tolopko

1) Meeting called to order

2) minutes of last meeting read & accepted

3) Voted for Chair: Vicki 1st, Arlene 2nd – Sonia was voted chair

4) Vote to continue partnership with Cultural Council. Motion made, seconded & unanimous yes vote: We agree to partner with the Cultural Council for the Community Event on June 18, 2016. We will share the costs and commit $3000 of the Community Day Committee budget towards this event.

5) Otis Celebration Day Committee joins in supporting the preservation of the historical Episcopal Church by the Town of Otis. We approve earmarking $500 from the 2016/2017 budget for supporting the efforts by advertising, if need be, for the town vote. Voted on unanimously.

6) motion made & 2nd to earmark $3000 for the 2016/2017 OCC & OCD joint event for June 2017

Meeting adjourned at 9:25 am