Library Meeting Minutes 06/10/2021

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Otis Library & Museum Minutes

Thursday, June 10, 2021, 5:00pm

In person meeting in the gym at Town Hall


Members in attendance:  Diane Dyer, Chair, James Adams, Susan Brofman, Lois Hall, Gloria Mamokhin,

Donna Rich, Celeste Watman


Approval of Minutes:  The minutes of May 13 were approved with the following corrections; change “hired” curator to “appointed” Celeste Watman as curator.

Treasurer’s Report:  The library received a donation of $400.00 The donation and the Treasurer’s Report were approved unanimously.

Director’s Report:  It was approved unanimously.

Unfinished/Ongoing Business:

` There was discussion about having t-shirts available for children and adults.

`Diversity Otis:  Donna and Susan removed numerous children’s books from the back porch and gave 15 books with diversity themes to Meaghan Martin, first grade teacher at the FRRSD, to share with the rest of the teachers and classes. Meaghan was very pleased to have them for the students.

` “Pop-in” Poetry: 3 people attended this outdoor event at the library.  The next one, scheduled for June 19 will have “Freedom” as a theme.

`A Story Walk was scheduled for Saturday, June 19 at 10:00am.

`MBLC:  The Board discussed the Small Library Project and the necessary Letter of Intent.  The Letter of Intent was approved unanimously, and will be forwarded to the town’s Select Board for their approval.  Then, it will be sent to the MBLC.  The next step in this process will be to submit an application by November 19, 2021.  Before the discussion ended, Celeste volunteered to serve on the library committee.

`Library Meetings for FY2022 will be available soon.

` Library Items:  Additional information about these topics were in the Director’s Report.

` Lois reported on the work schedule for the staff.

` A motion was made to end library fines, and the Board unanimously approved it.

`The Summer Reading Club featured books by Eric Carle.

`Kyle, a staff member is working on a library website with a vendor.

`Jim spoke about the online, fundraising site, In Our Back Yard, and he will continue reporting to the Board about it.

Next Meeting:  July 8, 2021, 5:00pm in the library non-fiction room.

Respectfully Submitted,

Celeste Watman, Acting Recording Secretary