Cultural Council Meeting Minutes 11/15/2016




Attendees: Jeanne Randorf, Carol Lombardo, Ilisa Sulner, Robert Turnbough, Deb Fogel, Shanon Albee, Arlene Tolopko, Diane Provenz, Ilonie Packie, Mary Jo Engels

Absentees: Joan Basis, Al Blake, Mary Anne Cicchillo, Vicki Ernst,


  1. The meeting was called to order at 5:00PM


  1. The Minutes of 08/16/16 were approved.


III. Reports:

  1. Financial Report was presented by Shanon Albee and accepted.
  2. Chair Report – Jeanne Randorf will decide on meeting dates for next year after Thanksgiving. The fourth Tuesday of the month is no longer acceptable to all committee members.


  1. Recycling funds

The committee voted to distribute recycling funds to Farmington School to assist in obtaining an outdoor electronic bulletin board.


  1. Consideration of grant applications
  2. Workshop lecture applications for 2017. After discussion, the following applications were accepted:

Gregory Malcheck – Pastel painting – Arlene Tolopko made a motion to allocate $300. Motion carried

Otis Country Quilt – Diane Provenz made a motion to allocate $300. Motion carried.

Rex Ransom – Pillow Stuffing – Accepted at $150.

Jeanne Randorf Photo Lecture – Donated

  1. Performance Applications – After discussion, the following applications were accepted:

Thomas Garvey Concert – Shanon Albee made a motion to allocate $900 for the Isaac Walton Field event. Motion carried.

Beth Skinner music and film performance –  Accepted at $500.

Sandy and Sandy performance – Accepted at $250. To be considered for the Arts Festival.

  1. Youth Programs

The following applications were accepted:

FRRES Berkshire Theatre Group – $1,050.

Kelsey Grey Drama Program – $1,200

Sculpture Now (5937) – $600

Sculpture Now (5047) – $650

PTA Wendy Berman – $1,000

Lee High Drama Club Youth Program – $500 (donation for their youth program). Carol Lombardo made a motion to accept. Motion passed.



Blues to Green, Inc. – $900 (youth in school program)

Roberta Sarnacki Youth Program – $1,000

Elizabeth Sarnacki – Requested a $500 donation for participation in the World Education Alliances Water Protection Symposium – Mary Jo Engels made a motion to donate $100. Motion carried.

Otis Forever Fun 4-H Club – Requested a donation of $350. Carol Lombardo made a motion to donate of $200. Motion carried.

FRRES Grades 3 and 4 – Field trip to Camp Hi-Rock – $500

FREES Grade 5 – Field Trip to Howe Caverns – $400

FREES Grades 1 and 2 – Field Trip to Hancock Shaker Village – $405

Berkshire Theatre Group (6835) – Requested a donation of $650 for their school residency program – To be revisited.

  1. Donation Requests

Our Town local theatre production, Tyringham – $150


The following donations were granted:

Blanford Historical Society (White Church) – $150

Becket Arts Center – Lasker Lecture Series – $100

Berkshire Lyric Theatre – $100

WAM Theatre – $150

Berkshire Playwright’s Lab – $100

Berkshire South Community Center for Ukelele Band and Berkshire Sings – $100

Bidwell House Museum for “American History Speakers Series – $100

  1. Other Business

Arts Festival went well. Ilona Packie will check on Saturday of Labor Day weekend for 2017.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35PM

Next meeting date to be determined.


Respectfully submitted:


Mary Jo Engels, Recording Secretary