Cultural Council Meeting Minutes 11/18/2021

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Otis Cultural Council

November 18, 2021

Meeting held virtually on Zoom.  This meeting was not recorded.

  1. Call to order: 6:07 P.M.  Present:  Jeanne Randorf, Carole Burke, Carol Lombardo, Deb Fogel, Arlene Tolopko, Shanon Albee
  2. Approval of the minutes of September 15, 2021. Carol Lombardo motioned to approve the minutes.  Arlene seconded the motion.  Minutes were approved.

III.  Chair Report (Jeanne)

  1. Voting on Grants: It was decided that members would raise their hand when voting to approve or deny a grant application.
  2. Use of Software: Jeanne reported that some applicants initially had difficulty with the application, but were able to get them done on time.
  3. Denial letters: Form letters will be sent out through the software.
  4. January Meeting: Jeanne feels the committee should have input in coming up with the calendar of events.  Also, the question was raised about researching the organizations whose applications have been accepted.
  5. Financial Update (Shanon)
  6. Shanon reported that there is $17,000 for grants this cycle. We do not have to spend it all at this time.  Discussed saving some of the money for school field trips and community activities in the spring.
  7. Money for sign: There is money that will be returned from The Farmington River Elementary School that could be used for a community sign at the foot of Town Hall.
  8. 2021 Events rolled over to 2022:
  9. Dana Pustinger anti-bullying event
  10. Rona Leventhal: Farmington River Elementary School Literacy Event
  11. $500 for Triple Shadow in Theatre Barn
  12. Grant Considerations: The following grants were accepted by the committee:
  13. Youth Programs: Kindergarten field trip to Lupa Zoo; Annual Community Arts Production; Michael Flower Visual Frontiers and Musical Instrument Enrichment Program; Storybook Composition.
  14. Workshops/Lectures: Notice Otis Lecture Series
  15. Performances: Magical Potter’s Wheel; David Maloof Music and Education Event; Timothy Van Egmond Performance of Songs and Storytelling
  16. Donations: Nightwood at the Mount (Lee/Lenox Community Youth Program); Music Brings Communities Together (Becket Arts Center); Bidwell Country Fair (Otis is invited to participate); Bel Canto Opera (Blandford Historical Society); Bad News Jazz and Blues Orchestra (Blandford Historical Society); The Black Legacy Project (Todd Mack); Sculpture Now at The Mount (outdoor sculpture exhibit); Berkshire Voices Reading Series (GB Public Theater); WAM Theatre Season of Events 2022; One Box at a Time (film about food insecurity in Berkshires); Hilltown Families (weekly newsletter); Indigenous Peoples:  We Are Still Here; Berkshire Ukulele Band and Berkshire Sings!; Women/Roots Music Series
  17. Additional Grant Money:
  18. Otis Library Donation (Laminator): The library is requesting money for a laminator and
    laminating sheets.  The  committee felt that the amount requested seemed high and decided to table the vote until we could get more information. This will be on the agenda for January meeting.
  19. Farmington River Field Trips: $5,600 ($800.00/class) will be available if field trips can be done safely in the spring or fall of 2022.
  20. New England Swing Orchestra (Ed Wirt): This request of $1,600 was denied due to lack of venue in Otis.  However, funds were set aside, and the committee will re-visit in the spring if it can be done safely (COVID).
  21. Total Funds Allocated:

$9757.00: Grants approved

$1,600:  saved for Swing Orchestra

$$5,600:  Farmington River Field Trips

Total:  $16,957.00

  1. Recycling Program (Deb): Deb received $2,500 from the recycling program.  Carol Lombardo has spoken to the school about the money to possibly be used for the community message board.

Meeting adjourned at 8:13 P.M.

Minutes submitted by Carole Burke