Cemetery Commission Meeting Minutes 05/17/2017



05/17/2017 MINUTES

Location:  Otis Town Hall, One North Main Road, Otis



Cemetery Commission Members present: Bruce Wall (Chairman), Kristen Brown and Roger Meyer


Conservation Commission Members absent: None


Staff and others present:  James Crandall, Sexton


Opening items:


  1. Bruce Wall opened the meeting at 3:00 PM and asked all to turn down their cell phones.
  2. Bruce made a motion to approve the minutes from the last meeting, 10/11/2016; RM 2nd the motion and the Commission voted unanimously to approve the minutes from the 10/11/2016 meeting.
  3. Bruce made a motion to process a revision to the Dennis Radford Deed Transfer Request. He wants the deed to include his wife’s name. KB will process the revision and file it in the folder.
  4. Bruce opened the budget expenditures to date, and reviewed each line item. BW asked if all agree – all did.
  5. Bruce opened the proposed budget for FY19, and asked if we should stay flat, or add/remove any accounts, or adjust any amounts. We all agreed to stay flat with each line.
  6. Bruce asked if any unanticipated business, none being said, he made a motion to adjourn and RM 2nd the motion and the commission unanimously closed the meeting.



Meeting Ended at 3:28 PM.