Technology Committee Meeting Minutes 11/19/2020

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Otis Technology Committee

Meeting Minutes

Thursday, November 19, 2020

6:00 pm

Members: Frank Tolopko, Steve Schultze, George Mabee, Bill Hiller, Larry Gould.

Public: Bob Rosen


  1. Voice Over Internet Protocol Presentation Valley Communication

Chris Sorensen from Valley Communications made a presentation for a cloud based VOIP system for the municipal phone system. Discussion regarding the numbers of phones and locations was back and forth.  Questions from Chris around how staff used the existing phones and what types of options would be needed.  The internal wiring at the town hall has been completed and will support a VOIP system.  Valley uses equipment and services from TPX which has a state contract to provide equipment and services through Valley.  Cost is based on options needed for hardware, number of units and the user licensing.  Valley provides service to the Town of Sheffield and the Town of Ware.  Discussion about the fire alarm system at the town hall and tie in with VOIP was discussed as well as fax capabilities.


  1. Approval of minutes


  1. Broadband updates.


  1. Old and New business.