Select Board Meeting Minutes 10/09/2018

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Town of Otis

Select Board Meeting Minutes

October 9, 2018


Call to Order:  Meeting called to order at 7:00 pm in the Town Hall conference room.  It’s being recorded and a quorum is present.


Present:           Select Board Chairman Don Hawley, Selectman Bill Hiller, Selectman Gary Thomas, Town Administrator Becky Stone, Larry Southard, Michael Ernst, Kate Simmons, Michael O’Brien, Betsy Andrus, Lisa D’Orazio



Approval of Minutes:  The September 24, 2018 All Boards meeting minutes were unanimously approved as written.


Public Hearing – ABCC Change of Liquor License Category:  The hearing was opened at 7:00 pm.  Don read the Public Hearing Notice aloud.  Papa’s Healthy Food and Fuel has requested their liquor license be changed from “wine and malt liquor” to “All Alcoholic Beverages off premise”.  Abutters were notified, the public hearing was published twice prior to the night of the Hearing, and no abutters were present at the meeting to object.  The Change of Category request was unanimously approved by the Select Board and the LAA form was signed by all three board members.  The public hearing was then closed at 7:08 pm.


Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce:  Betsy Andrus was here to give the Select Board an update of where they were with their information booths.  Otis is still interested and would like ours to be placed directly in front of Harmony Hall on the patch of grass by the apple tree.  When they are close to finishing our booth, we have asked to have the final footprint dimensions so our guys can prepare a base pad for the booth.


Review and Approval of Warrants:  Warrants were available and the Select Board members reviewed and approved them.




School Committee:  The resignation that was accepted at the last meeting needs to be filled until May.  The vacancy is available and the School Committee is welcome to recommend a replacement.


Police Chevy Tahoe:  While Miguel was cleaning the vehicles this weekend he noticed the Tahoe had a scraped and cracked right front bumper.  No one knew when this occurred but Becky is filing an insurance claim.


Farmington River Watershed:  Becky contacted DCR and the town is going to go ahead and apply for a grant for mitigating Reservoir Road.  During the conversation it was noted our Hazard Mitigation Plan ran out in March, so Becky also submitted to the state for help in getting the mitigation plan updated.  She will work with Dan Hamill on the updates.  Don wants to know who is liable for any damage caused by a dam failure?  When DCR’s dam failed a few years ago, the town ended up paying for remediating the damage when the failure was not the town’s fault.


Nokia Feature Film:  Today Bill spent time with a Nokia film crew because Otis was being featured in a promotional movie for how broadband changes people’s lives.  Phase 2 installations are beginning next week.


Broadband hut:  The second hut will be located at the main Fire House and the foundation hole has been dug out for it.


Berkshire Trail Riders:  They sent a notification of their annual motorcycle trail ride for October.  Lisa forwarded the notification to the Police Dept., Fire Dept., and Rescue Squad.


DCR:  They will be coming in to the next Select Board meeting to discuss Tolland Road.


Cannabis Factory:  Another company in Colorado has approached the town about establishing a facility in town.  They may be on the October 23rd agenda.


Pancake Breakfast:  Don noted the event was excellent and Bill agreed.


Kops ‘n Kids Halloween Party:  The annual event is scheduled for Friday October 26, 2018 here at Town Hall.


Adjournment:  The Select Board unanimously adjourned the meeting at 7:40 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Lisa D’Orazio

Selectmen’s Secretary

Town of Otis


List of Documents


  1. A copy of the email correspondence from Joy Duperault of DCR will be filed with these meeting minutes.


  1. A copy of the Notice of Public Hearing for the liquor license change of category will be filed with these meeting minutes.


  1. A copy of the Application for Amendment with signatures will be filed with these meeting minutes.


  1. A copy of the Berkshire Trail Riders courtesy notice will be filed with these meeting minutes.