School Committee Meeting Agenda 10/03/2022

Farmington River Regional School District
Farmington River Elementary School
Agenda #424
Farmington River Elementary School Library
Monday October 3, 2022, 7:00PM
Masks Optional
Call in number to listen only, community participation requires being in person.
Phone number – 605-313-5711
Access code – 7622376
1. Call to Order:
2. Public Comment
3. Acceptance of Minutes:
June 13, 2022-Regular Meeting
August 1, 2022-Regular Meeting
August 9, 2022-Executive Session
August 30, 2022-Executive Session
September 2, 2022-Special Meeting
September 12, 2022-Regular Meeting
4. Superintendent’s Report
● Good News Item(s)
● 2022 MCAS and Accountability Results
● Updates:
○ COVID-19 Testing/Emerging Trends/Practices
○ Principal Search Update
○ Bussing Update
5. Superintendent Salary:
● The School Committee sets compensation for the superintendent. The
committee will vote on compensation for the Interim superintendent.
6. Principal Salary Range:
● The School Committee sets compensation limits for principals. The committee
will vote on a salary range for the new principal position.
7. Financial Report
● The committee will vote on raising the price on breakfast and lunch for both students
and teachers.
○ Teacher Breakfast currently $1.60. State recommendation is $2.56 plus tax
○ Teacher Lunch currently $3.55. State recommendation is $4.63 plus tax
○ Student Breakfast $2.80. State recommends $3.31. We usually increase by
○ Student Lunch $1.60
● FY22 Budget Update
● FY23 Budget Update
8. Personnel Report
Jerilyn Beauregard has been hired on a temporary basis to serve as front office
secretary while the search for a permanent replacement is conducted.
9. Request to Bargain Letter from Farmington River Regional District Teachers
The school committee will appoint a negotiating committee.
10. Response to Questions Raised by Public at September 12, 2022 School Committee
11. Other items for discussion not reasonably anticipated by the Chair 48 hours before
the meeting
12. Executive Session:
● Move to go into Executive Session to conduct strategy sessions in preparation for
negotiation with nonunion personnel, and to reconvene in Open Session.
13. Motion to Adjourn
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