Recreation Commission Minutes 06/23/2016

Recreation Commission
June 23, 2016, Thursday @ 6:30PM
Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA

Meeting called by & time: Kathy Carroll, 7:00PM.
Meeting facilitated by: Kathy Carroll.
Board Members Present: Kathy Carroll, Bill Dyer.
Board Members Absent: None.
Others Present: Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.

Introductions. None needed.
Review & approval of Minutes. Approved May 2016.
Accounting. Reviewed Rec FY16 Report, remaining line item amounts.
FY16. Reviewed.
Revolving. Reviewed.
Donation. Reviewed. Patricia noted that there are missing deposits, she’ll inquire with Karen & Margaret.
QuickBooks consultant. Patricia met with the Consultant, reviewed the process/set up of Rec accounts, transactions & reports. Items specifically noted by the Consultant were to pay special attention to Town Accountant reports (Softwright software) to reconcile deposits and expenses and it’s highly recommended to receive reports on a monthly basis. Discussed the current version of the software, 2011, it’s recommended to upgrade to a new version, 2015, in order to take advantage of the improvements and new material, to work more efficiently and to be able to provide more of a variety of data/reports. The Rec Center might qualify for a Tech Soup account, this would permit it to be purchased at a significant discount. Patricia will meet with the Consultant again for the purpose of specific reports and transactions in FY17.
Rec Center.
Ads. Reviewed June/July ad for Otis Gazette.
Inventory—update. Patricia contacted one of the persons on the Senior Tax Work-off List received from the Selectmen’s office for this project. Liga Gutmanis is interested in the project, but will not be available until after July to start.
Security. No update.
Weight Room. Per May 2016 meeting, plans are being put together by an engineer.
Database project. Patricia inquired about the payment of this project, it is partially completed. Even though a partial amount was approved in the FY16 Budget there was a clerical error where it was not included in the official FY16 budget from Chris Morris. Discussed with Chris Morris, take expense out of the contingency line item.
Staff. No update.
Programs/Project Proposals.
July & August. Discussed fees for Intuitive Painting & Writing your Family History. Intuitive Painting Otis participant $12.50, Non-Otis $17.50. Writing your Family History, Otis Free, Non-Otis $36. Reviewed July & August schedule of drop-in classes and programs (registration required).
Updates. A resident inquired about the offering of Chair Tai Chi, this was discussed and the Commission felt that with already offering Tai Chi, Qigong and Chair Yoga that we cannot at this point in time offer this requested class.
Drop-in Class survey for Fees for Otis Residents/Otis Taxpayers. Kathy met with Chris Morris 6/7/16, he will have the Selectmen review the surveys. The majority of the data collected indicated that Otis participants either can’t afford or would not pay for drop-in classes, but are very appreciative of the classes/programs offered. Most stated comments were that they already pay taxes and taxes should already cover the cost.
Swim Lessons. Instructor, Julia Erickson and Assistant to the Instructor, Nick Gray.
Garden project. No registered participants yet.
Memos. None.
Old Business. Patricia will contact Karen Fink, Treasurer, regarding payment method details for the Gingerbread House & Easter Egg Hunt as per Kathy Carroll meeting with Chris Morris, 6/7/16. Chris stated that we would provide the amount a month prior to the event to Karen and be able to use the Town’s card for in-store purchases.
New Business. 1. Patricia mentioned that Mass Rec & Parks Association recently had an interesting article regarding sun block being provided by Towns (at swim areas/parks) across the country due to the increase in skin cancer. Patricia will contact Jim Wilusz, Tri-County Health, to find out if this may be available in our area. 2. Mary Adams has been appointed to Recreation Commissioner and Dana Pustinger has been appointed to Recreation Commissioner Alternate. 3. Patricia mentioned that she is still having internet problems, it is extremely slow or she cannot retrieve the office email. Wi-Fi usage at the Rec Center has increased significantly; do we have the appropriate equipment to handle the high usage? She has sent in a technology request for this problem.
Meeting adjourned at: 8:22PM.
Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.
Submitted to Town Clerk.