Recreation Commission Minutes 07/28/2016

Recreation Commission
July 28, 2016, Thursday @ 6:30PM
Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA

Meeting called by & time: Kathy Carroll, 6:38PM.
Meeting facilitated by: Kathy Carroll.
Board Members Present: Kathy Carroll, Dana Pustinger, Mary Adams.
Board Members Absent: Bill Dyer.
Others Present: Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.

New Commissioners. Introduced new Commissioners: Mary Adams, Commissioner and Dana Pustinger, Alternate Commissioner. Reviewed information received from Lyn Minery, Town Clerk, regarding the differences between a Commissioner and an Alternate.
Review & approval of Minutes. Approved June 2016.
FY16 EOY report. Reviewed and explained end of year report with line item breakdowns. Patricia noted that there were quite a few deposits that were not included on the revolving account report provided by the Town Accountant, Margaret McClellan. Patricia inquired and Town Treasurer, Karen Fink explained that a few were deposited into the incorrect account and the others were not yet posted. Karen will be able to provide a report showing the deposits, if requested.
FY16 invoice. Patricia mentioned that an invoice from Quill was received about mid July, she has contacted Chris Morris regarding this invoice and he explained it will be included on the next Town Meeting for payment.
FY17. Reviewed and explained.
Revolving. Reviewed and explained the purpose of this account.
Donation. Reviewed and explained the purpose of this account.
Deposits. Reviewed and explained.
QuickBooks consultant. Explained data/reports contained in QuickBooks along with meeting with the consultant.
Rec Center.
Ads. Discussed the Otis Observer monthly column. Bob Rosen will no longer be writing it. It was discussed and decided that Patricia will submit instructor/staff and program of the month for the majority of the months.
Inventory—update. Patricia stated that she has spoken to a person on the Property Tax Work Off list. She will be meeting with her in August regarding the project.
Security. No update.
Weight Room. Kathy provided an update from the 7/25/16 All Board’s Meeting and the 7/26/16 Selectmen’s meeting. She inquired about an update since the May meeting with the engineer. There has not been another update. Kathy stated that Patricia has been providing the community with the updates we have received but the community wanted to know if there was any update since the May meeting. Kathy suggested reverse 9-1-1 call to inform more of the public as this would outreach to more people than just the postings. She referenced the Cultural
Council using this system for the announcements of their events. This was briefly discussed the Select Board decided to include it on the next call that would go out to the community.
FY17 office days/hours. Patricia explained that there is one additional office hour a week included in the FY17 budget. Starting July 2016 office days/hours Tuesday-Friday, 8:00AM-3:15PM.
Staff. Tom Soules will be cleaning/disinfecting the exercise room on a regular basis.
Programs/Project Proposals.
July & August. Reviewed July & August schedules and details. Reviewed Youth Gardening (Green Thumb’s Club) and youth Taekwondo. Patricia provided an update that there were no calls/registrants for the July or August sessions of the Youth Gardening Club, therefore they have been cancelled. She explained that she and Bob Rosen attended a Farmington River Elementary School PTA meeting earlier this year asking for input on youth programs. Taekwondo was suggested and looked into but was very expensive per participant, even with the participant partially paying the instruction/fee.
Updates. Kathy provided an update regarding the payment method for in-store purchases, specifically for the Gingerbread House Event and the Easter Egg Hunt. Kathy attended the 7/24/16 All Board’s and 7/25/16 Selectmen meetings to further discuss the method suggested by Chris Morris. Karen Fink, Town Treasurer, stated in 7/10/16 email that this method will not work. Some possibilities briefly discussed were a bank check or purchase ahead of time and present a check at time of pick up. Bill Hiller offered to do further research.
Drop-in Class survey for Fees for Otis Residents/Otis Taxpayers.
Memos. None.
Old Business. None.
New Business. 1. Patricia put in a request for vacation time in August. 2. We received the requested audio of the 3/28/16 budget meeting of the Finance & Select Boards. No one from our Commission was able to attend this meeting. Discussion to be continued at the August meeting.
Meeting adjourned at: 9:17PM.
Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.
Submitted to Town Clerk.