Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes 08/27/2019

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Recreation Commission

August 27, 2019, Tuesday @ 6:00PM

Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA



Meeting called by & time:  Dana Pustinger, 6:15PM.

Meeting facilitated by:  Dana Pustinger.

Board Members Present: Dana Pustinger, Jen Catolane.

Board Members Absent: Bill Dyer, Kathy Carroll.

Others Present:  Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.


  1. Introductions. None needed.
  2. Review & approval of Meeting Minutes.  Reviewed & approved 7/16/19 meeting minutes.
  3. Accounting.
    1. Town Accountant Reports.
    2. Rec Center Reports.
    3. Update on new Town Accounting software.  Not changed over yet to the new software.
    4. Payment to performer Ed Popielarczyk.  Invoice was submitted beginning of July (new fiscal year).  Ed did not receive payment until well after a month.  Patricia inquired with the Select Board office regarding the payment and checks were sitting on the Treasurer’s desk ready to go out.
  4. Rec Center.
    1. Planning Board meeting regarding Harmony Hall 9/17/18.
    2. Building Use Sub Committee.  Patricia attended a recent meeting and the Committee decided to put a couple articles in the local papers to let people know the Town’s needs in regards to space and some possible ideas.
    3. Invitation to Bid – Harmony Hall Roof recoating project.  Reviewed.
    4. AED Unit.  On hold until FY21.
    5. All Board’s update.  Reviewed.
    6. Rec Center Handout – updated.  Reviewed.
    7. Sandisfield Times ad.  Monthly ad for the fiscal year.
    8. Sandisfield Arts Center ad.  Ad for the yearly program.
    9. Internet/Wi-Fi.  Patricia contacted Larry Gould regarding these issues – Rec will need to wait until the fiber is installed, hopefully this will resolve the issues.
  5. Staff.  Cardio room has been on a cleaning schedule of every week/every two weeks.
  6. Programs/Project Proposals.
    1. Program Breakdown report.  Reviewed.
    2. Town Hall lockbox.  Combo has been changed – Select Board Office, Maintenance Dept., instructors & staff have the new number.
    3. Basket Weaving Workshop.
    4. Bus Trip.  Discussed – there wasn’t enough time to schedule a bus trip for September or October – rescheduling to June 2020.
    5. Intuitive Painting – review, surveys.  Reviewed surveys, very good.
    6. Kayak Attendant, Program.  No applicants.  Will start advertising in the spring.
    7. Paint & Sip.  Advertising going out soon.
    8. Swim Instructor, Assistant to Swim Instructor.
    9. Swim Lessons.
    10. Tai Chi/Qigong.  Patricia contacted five instructors in the area – they are either unavailable or the rate of pay is too low.
    11. Town Beach.
  1. Sand – replenish. Discussed.  Would like to replenish next year (2020) and then every other year.
  2. Play ship.
  • Activity reported. A resident expressed concern about the usage of the beach – cars parked without permits, litter, travel speed, lack of police patrol & unruly guests.  They feel this is due to increased publicity (Facebook).  This is an item on tonight’s Select Board agenda.  Patricia communicated that Rec’s regular advertising consists of the Otis Gazette, Otis Observer, the Town’s website, flyers & Facebook – all being great outreach tools to the community.  Facebook has proven to be an important outreach tool for our department.
    1. Yoga/Ayurveda Study sessions.  Only two people have registered, registration closes 9/10/19.
    2. Youth Obstacle Challenge – Recap.  30 registered kids.  Reviewed surveys – families loved it.
  1. Course setup/equipment. Added a couple new stations this year.
  2. Age groups. Ages 3-6=19 kids, ages 7-10=11 kids.  Discussed the possibility of breaking down the age groups to three groups instead of two.
  • Volunteers. Need more volunteers for next year – for setup & event.  We did not have enough for the day of the event.
  1. Memos.  Article 14 regarding revolving funds passed at the May 2019 Town Meeting.
  2. Old Business.
  3. New Business.  1.  Gingerbread House Event – setup 12/13/19, event 12/14/19 – three sessions 1:00PM, 2:30PM & 4:00PM.  2.  Historical Commission is inquiring if they can use the upstairs (small room) for storage of their inventory as per the Select Board’s suggestion.
  4. Adjourn.



Meeting adjourned at: 8:55PM.

Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.

Submitted to Town Clerk.