Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes 07/16/2019

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Recreation Commission

July 16, 2019, Tuesday @ 6:00PM

Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA



Meeting called by & time:  Kathy Carroll, 6:10PM.

Meeting facilitated by:  Kathy Carroll, Dana Pustinger.

Board Members Present: Dana Pustinger, Kathy Carroll, Jen Catolane.

Board Members Absent: Bill Dyer.

Others Present:  Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.


  1. Introductions.  None needed.
  2. Welcome new Commissioner.  Welcomed Jen Catolane.
  3. New Chair person.  Discussed responsibilities of Chairperson – Dana Pustinger.
  4. Review & approval of Meeting Minutes.  Reviewed & approved 5/16/19 and 6/25/19.
  5. Accounting.
    1. Town Accountant Reports.  Reviewed FY20 budget sheets received from the Select Board Office.
    2. Rec Center Reports.  Reviewed FY19 budget.
    3. Update on new Town Accounting software.  No update.
  6. Rec Center.
    1. Planning Board meeting regarding Harmony Hall 9/17/18.
    2. Building Sub Committee.  Scheduled 7/18/19, Thursday, 5PM to discuss the sharing of department spaces, etc.
    3. AED Unit.  No update.
    4. All Board’s update.  None.
  7. Staff.
  8. Programs/Project Proposals.
    1. Program Breakdown report.  No report available, will be prepared for next month’s meeting.
    2. Basket Weaving Workshop.
    3. Bus Trip.  Get quotes to Howe Caverns & Dino Place, find out what trips are available.
    4. Kayak Attendant, Program.  No applicants for the Kayak Attendant position. Patricia explained that everything is set in place for the program and ready to go.
    5. Library Fair, Performer, bike helmets, car seat check – Recap.  Distributed 40+ bike helmets.  Over 20 car seats were checked, most needing adjustments and almost 50% of the car seats were replaced.  Ed Popielarczyk performed his variety & magic show along with balloon sculpting…great turnout.  Copsicle truck was a big hit.  Patricia sent an update to the Library for their July 2019 meeting.  Lois Hall at the Library suggested to include CHIPS at next year’s event, all agreed this was a great idea.  Patricia will contact the Lee Mason’s for next year’s event.
    6. Paint & Sip.  No update.
    7. Swim Instructor, Assistant to Swim Instructor.  No applicants for the swim instructor position.  Patricia explained that if an applicant did apply at this point in time that we’d need to make sure that we have ample time to process staff paperwork along with having some time to accept registrations.  If no applicants are received by the end of the month the job posting will be pulled.  At this point in time neither one of the original applicants for the assistant to the swim instructor expressed interest.
    8. Swim Lessons.
    9. Tai Chi/Qigong.  Patricia will be meeting with a possible instructor this week.  Rec was notified that a private group was looking to reserve the Town Hall gym for this class.  Town building usage request form states that requests for usage for usage by for-profit organizations are not permitted.
    10. Town Beach.
  1. Sand – replenish. Patricia is planning to meet with Jim/maintenance & Derek/highway departments next week to review the project as well as a date to close the Town Beach to replenish the sand.  Posting will be online (Town website & Rec Facebook) in addition to a sign at the Town Beach.   It was brought to Rec that there was recent incident (recently) at the Town Beach – info was forwarded to the Otis PD.
  2. Play ship – mulch.
    1. Yoga/Ayurveda Study sessions.  The recent study groups were well attended and participants expressed interest to continue the groups.  Patricia spoke with Connie with a tentative schedule for the Fall.
    2. Youth Obstacle Challenge.  Reviewed.  So far we do not have the minimum to run the event, minimum is 20 participants.  Registration closes 7/27/19.
  1. Course setup/equipment. Reviewed stations for both age groups, items needed.
  2. Age groups.
  • Volunteers. We are a little short on help, it was suggested to ask the Police Department if they would be able to help with the event.  Patricia inquired with Dan about getting the Copsicle truck for this event but hasn’t heard back from him yet.
  1. Memos.
  2. Old Business.
  3. New Business.
  4. Adjourn.


Meeting adjourned at: 8:01PM.

Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.

Submitted to Town Clerk.