Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes 05/31/2018

Recreation Commission

May 31, 2018, Thursday @ 6:30PM

Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA



Meeting called by & time:  Kathy Carroll, 6:37PM.

Meeting facilitated by:  Kathy Carroll.

Board Members Present:  Kathy Carroll, Mary Adams, Dana Pustinger.

Board Members Absent: Bill Dyer.

Others Present:  Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor, Lisa LaGrant.



  1. Introductions. Lisa LaGrant, to present project proposal, see #10.
  2. Review & approval of Meeting Minutes.  Reviewed & approved 4/19/18.
  3. Accounting.
    1. Town Accountant Reports.
  1. Capital Expense. Town Accountant Margaret McClellan will make the adjustment to capital expense account, this was originally paid from the regular account.
  2. FY17 Encumbered Funds. Report we are furnished did not include this amount, $1,070 but it has been confirmed it’s included in the regular Rec account but on a different report that we do not receive.
  • FY18 Discrepancies. Patricia provided an update – MPLC duplicate transactions – Accountant, Margaret McClellan will correct; refund from MRPA gets deposited into the Town’s general account not regular Rec account;  Treasurer, Karen Fink will make corrections as some deposits were not deposited into Rec’s account; ski helmet donations will be adjusted to Rec’s donation account. 
    1. Rec Center Reports.  Patricia reviewed the remaining expenses for the fiscal year.
  1. FY19 Budget.  Passed at Town Meeting with Finance/Select Board revisions.
  2. Rec Center.  Two quotes were received for the flowers for the flower barrels, the Commission agreed to go with the vendor for the lesser amount.  Kathy Carroll abstained.
    1. Facebook.  The Rec Center is up and running with Facebook – this will be used primarily for notifications of programs, etc. and cancellations.  We are still experiencing issues with the new website.  Patricia mentioned she is still having issues with QuickBooks and Verizon email.  She has contacted Bill Hiller and will follow up with him.
    2. Southern Berkshire Chamber of Commerce.  Patricia & Kathy attended an event which showcased local businesses and were able to get some new resources & network.
    3. CPR.  CPR/AED/First Aid scheduled for 6/30/18, certified class – scheduled specifically for Recreation Commissioners and staff.  Rec Commissioners will be offered this class due to their attendance of events.  It was agreed that the Rec budget will cover the fee for staff & commissioners.
  3. Staff.
  4. Programs/Project Proposals.
    1. Fun in the Sun – community event, 7/21/18.  Patricia will prepare the banner & sidewalk signs – flyers to be distributed around Town and students at Farmington River.  This event will be held on the Town Hall driveway green instead of behind the Town Hall.  Ed Pop’s magic show & balloon sculpting; face painting; caricature artist & ice cream truck.  If rain, event will take place indoors.
    2. Glass Blowing Workshop – liability & insurance.
    3. Jewelry Workshop.  Low enrollment, cancelled.
    4. Obstacle Course – 8/18/18.  Tabled, will be discussed in detail at the next meeting.
    5. Rumba.  Low enrollment, cancelled.
    6. Screen-Free Week—BINGO.  Pizza, salad and prizes, good turnout.
    7. Swim Lessons.  No inquires for instructor or assistant.
    8. Hanging Flower Basket Workshop – 5/5/18.  Low enrollment, cancelled.
  5. Memos.
  6. Old Business.
  7. New Business.  1.  Lisa LaGrant presented her project proposal for meditation classes and explained her experience as an instructor and the types of meditation & format for this proposed class.    Discussed.  2.  Update on MELT class – (certified) instructor requested hourly rate much higher than our current instructors.  Discussed and decided to not go forward with this instructor due to her rate.  3.  Patricia has contacted contact Alex Tinari about a possible Stretch class, she is not available during the summer, but the school-year calendar.  Will follow up.  4.  An inquiry was received about when/if the Town Beach sand will be replenished.  Discussed – what department would this fall under?  Patricia contacted neighboring towns with beaches – Great Barrington, Lee & Monterey – the first two have their DPW/Highway department take care of the project, including DEP paperwork.  Did not receive response from Monterey.  Patricia will discuss with Jim Crandall, Maintenance Dept. Supervisor.  5.  Patricia explained the Writing your Family History program did not have a fee (for Otis participants) last year due to the Commission deciding to implement fees for Otis participants after advertising went out for this program, therefore, there is a fee for Otis participants this year.  6.  Patricia will request accounting & deposit reports for the next meeting so all transactions can be verified.  7.  Discussed sending a summary to the All Board’s meeting on a regular basis.
  8. Adjourn.



Meeting adjourned at: 9:15PM.

Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.

Submitted to Town Clerk.