Planning Board Meeting Minutes 01/10/2022

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Town of Otis
Planning Board Meeting Minutes January 10, 2022
1. Roll Call: Call to order 7:00 PM
a. Jen Daily, new co-chair
b. Hal Kobrin, co-chair
c. Rona Knight, member
d. Jim Kauffman, member
e. Barbara Gallagher, member
f. Diane Provenz, Otis Historical Commission
g. Annette Lilly, Otis resident
2. Approval of minutes
Approval of October 13, 2021 meeting minutes
a. Hal motioned to accept the minutes as written.
b. Jim seconded.
c. All in favor.
Approval of December 13, 2021 meeting minutes
a. Jim motioned to accept.
b. Hal seconded.
c. All in favor.
3. Annual Budget
Hal requested two changes from the 2021 budget:
#1. Need to hire a new Planning Board secretary. All Otis staff salaries have increased.
#2. Request for $15,000 for the Master Plan Amended Update, to be done by the BRPC.
Diane: asked Hal if the Master Plan considered all the buildings in Otis.
Hal: said the Master Plan included all the buildings, but we needed a subcommittee
to get the town involved in deciding the use of town-owned buildings.
Diane: said the Historical Commission had no jurisdiction in this matter, but she knows
someone who could survey the town for $15-30,000.
Approval of the 2022 Annual Budget
Jen asked for approval of $6,000 for Secretary’s salary and $15,000 for BRPC Master Plan.
a. Jim motioned to accept.
b. Rona seconded.
c. All in favor.
4. Planning Board Clerk Hiring Update
Rona said she would contact Heather Gray about the clerk position.
5. Grant Updates
Hal: a. Complete Streets is completed. Otis has been awarded over $203,000 in grants.
b. HMP/MVP is moving along slowly. Public meeting on Zoom Feb.9 about town hazards.
c. The Town has received $430,000 in ARPA infrastructure funds as our initial share from
the State. These funds can be used for infrastructure projects and upgrades such as
Sewer Plant, clean water supplies, and even Police compliance and reform.
Jen said she’d write to the “Otis Observer” thanking all those who worked on Complete Streets.
6. Building Use Subcommittee
Jen said we needed to talk to the Selectmen to get them on board.
7. Other New Business Not Anticipated
Barbara said she’d submit an updated draft of the Short Term Rental Bylaw for the next meeting.
8. Meeting Adjourned at 7:55 PM
a. Rona motioned to adjourn.
b. Hal seconded.
c. All in favor. Meeting adjourned.