Otis Technology Committee Minutes August 26, 2020

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Otis Technology Committee Meeting Minutes August 26, 2020
Town Hall Conference Room 6:00 pm

Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm.



Frank Tolopko, Bill Hiller, Larry Gould, Steve Schultze

  1. Discussion on the upcoming Drop Grant. What is involved and when we will be submitting.
  2. Increase the backhaul bandwidth to 5GB. Vote was unanimous
  3. Purchase an additional 7210 switch to increase the flow of data from the Otis Hut tothe East Otis hut from 2 1GB lines to 2 10GB lines to increase throughput. Vote was


  4. Issue an RFQ for the running of Fiber on the Otis side of Otis Woodlands. Vote wasunanimous.
  5. Approve the quote from Sertex for the placement of 5 poles to bring the fiber fromRT8 to the beginning of the conduit in Otis Woodlands. Vote was unanimous.
  6. Discussion about once the build is complete, we would like to entertain some type ofseasonal rate but we cannot have this discussion until all costs are known.
  7. Discuss the need for a new phone system for the Town Hall and adjacent buildingsand that it should be a VOIP system.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:17 PM