Otis Preservation Trust Donation Letter

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Otis Preservation Trust, Inc.

P.O. Box 355 • 119 South Main Road Otis, MA 01253



Spring 2020


Dear Neighbor,


Exciting news! After two years of preparation and planning, the town of Otis has become the legal owner of St. Paul’s Church – the beautiful and historically significant property in the center of our town. This 1827 building, built from local timbers by the hands of its congregation, has been gifted to the town for the sake of preservation.


We are now ready to embark on that preservation process. There are many grants available for preservation projects of this type – both outright grants and matching grants. We have been researching and laying the groundwork for grant applications, but the first step begins with you.


Your donation at any level will demonstrate community support for this important project, and that will enhance our grant application process. Other local historical preservation sites include the East Otis One Room Schoolhouse and the revolutionary-era Knox Trail.


Your support will enable historical sites in Otis to qualify for matching grants

and many other grants made available by the state, for preservation projects.

And your donation is fully tax deductible!


There are many values that derive from preserving our local history, from educational value for our local students, to community value as we restore historically significant buildings into new, functional spaces for a wide range of activities.


Please help us start the preservation process by giving as generously as you can to The Otis Preservation Trust, which works solely to support the Otis Historical Commission. Suggested donation levels are provided, but any and all donations are welcome.


Research of similar town projects shows that historic preservation attracts tourists and homebuyers. We all benefit from maintaining the beauty and history of our town. With your help, we will preserve our local history for our own enjoyment, for practical use, and for future generations.


with sincere thanks from the Otis Preservation Trust:


Lauretta Harris, President

Geoff Pigman, Secretary

Lynn Pyenson, Treasurer

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