Library Meeting Minutes 07/14/2016

Otis Library & Museum Annual Meeting Minutes

July 14, 2016

Roosevelt Room


  • Meeting was called to order at 6:34 by Diane Dyer. Members present included Diane , Eve,  Jane, Steve, Susan, and Walter, and Kay Rice (guest)
  • Minutes from the May 12, 2016 meeting were accepted

New Business:

  • A reflection of the fair held on Saturday, July 9th noted:
  • Things went very well generally…many positives including vendor, staff and board satisfaction, financial gain, good will within the community!
  • More people needed for setup and clean up.
  • Otis Library and Museum, Inc.

Annual Fair

July 9, 2016



  • 50/50 Raffle – Tickets sold at library                         $160
  • 50/50 Raffle – Tickets sold at Fair                              $284


  • Total Raffle sales                                                     $   444


  • Book sale bags sold at Fair                                           $80
  • Book sales at library                                                    $220


  • Total book sales                                                           $300


  • Food sales                                                                   $571
  • Bake Sale $ 230
  • Vendor fee income  (Est)                                          $ 1,700


  • TOTAL INCOME                                                      $3,257


  • Food, serving items
  • Other (                   )
  • One half 50/50 income for winner                            $222* (* $100 donation to library)




  • EXTRA meat will be donated July 15, to the seniors in town. Thank you Steve for distributing.
  • Guest Peter Erbe:
  • Requesting that a picture of his father be hung in acknowledgement of his father Dr. Erbe – the board unanimously voted to approve and thank Peter for his donation.


  • Director’s Report: was given both in print and digitally  JULY 14, 2016
  • Thank you to all for making our annual Library Country Fair a huge success.  If you have someone in particular you want us to thank please leave me the information. There is a black clip board with a list at the front desk.
  • READY, SET, GO!!!
  • Our children summer readers have already started their reading, but you can join them!  You may even catch up!  All you have to do is register as a library reader, get a log sheet and start counting the number of pages you read…
  • The children’s race will conclude with an Olympic session with the llamas and alpacas at the home of Karen Oygard.   She and her mother Susan, graciously host our concluding event.  The children love the animals and we are looking forward to doing some YOGA with them.
  • Otis Library on Wednesday, August 3rd at 6:00pm.  I will be on vacation but Kathy Crowe and Kerry will be working until 6:00. Lois can come out for this event if you need her.
  • July 23rd from 12-2pm at the library.  And next, we welcome renowned and talented Linda Graves to exhibit her work and tell her art story.  We look forward to visiting this exhibit during the month of August!
  • There will be two open computer help sessions at Otis Library.  On Saturday August 13th from 9:00 to 1:00, there will be computer savvy professionals on hand to help you figure things out.  Another session will be held Tuesday, August 23 from 1:00 to 5:00 pm.
  • The Youth Art Leadership Symposium
  • August 10th, 11th, & 12.  This is a symposium led by Art teacher Laura Catullo from Farmington River Regional School.  Approximately 8-10 students in 5th & 6th grade will work on a community Art Project which will be exhibited outside the Otis Library. For more information please call Laura at 413-441-2763 or 413-644-9630.
  • Put I n the observer and other notices “Since June, we have been conducting our annual fundraising campaign.  If you have not considered a donation, please remember all we try to do here.  If you did not receive a request, please come to the library and make sure we have your correct address.  Donation forms are available at the library, and we are grateful for your continued support.”
  • DR, ERBE DONATION AND DEDICATION Pete Erbe will present his request.
  • There are two cannon balls and several guns and rifles upstairs in the museum.  None of these items have any license, permit, or safety documentation.  Also they are not securely locked.  I would like to ask for a legal police inspection of these articles, and have the proper documents on file.
  • I will send to Lyn Minery: library card applications, bookmarks with contact information and hours, CWMARS, COMCAT< and EBooks bookmarks, museum Passes Lists. .Please let me know if you think of anything else.

Respectfully submitted, Kathy Bort, Library Director

  • It was noted that that the article submitted to the Otis Observer was well-written and complete
  • Treasurer’s Report:


Berkshire Bank, Otis, MA 01029

Fiscal Yearend Balances, June 30, 2016



Operating account                                         $  2,886.46

Payroll account                                                   7,560.83

Contributions, Fair, fines, fees,                    116,514.87

Grants, other income


TOTAL CHECKING                                            126,962.16

CD – maturity 07/10/17 0.75%                      21,473.29


TOTAL – Berkshire Bank                                 148,435.63

Less operating, payroll                                      10,447.29


TOTAL Otis Library & Museum Inc.              137,988.34

Net cash


This report will differ from the QuickBooks report due to outstanding checks recorded in QuickBooks.The “operating account” contains Town of Otis “stipend” funds.The payroll account is an “operating account’ sub-account.The CW/MARS restricted account has been spent and closed.Walter Engels, Treas, and Diane Dyer, Asst Treasurer has check signing authority.


Prepared and submitted by Walter Engels





  • Meeting adjourned 7:04


  • Potential New board members:  Thank you Kay Rice for attending this meeting and considering joining our board. Scott Simonowicz will be invited to our next meeting.



Next meeting is August 11, 2016 at 6:30.

Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary