Library Meeting Minutes 01/13/2022

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Otis Library & Museum January Minutes*

Thursday, January 13, 2022, 6:00 PM

* Meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law

Members present – Diane Dyer, Chair, James Adams (Zoom) Kathy Bort, Sue Brofman, Susan Ebitz, Lois Hall, Gloria Mamokhin (Zoom) Donna Rich, and Celeste Watman

Chair Diane Dyer called the meeting to order at 6:03 PM.

Celeste made a motion, seconded by Sue B. to accept the December Meeting Minutes. The minutes were unanimously approved.


Treasurer’s reports:  A motion was made by Gloria, seconded by Celeste to accept the December Treasurer’s Report. The treasurer’s report was unanimously approved.


Director’s Report: * (Unedited)

Due to the rise in COVID cases, there will be no group meetings at the library at this time

COVID: still in-person, masks required

Attendance, Stable around 20-25

Computer use is high

Delivery 2-3 bins per week

Museum passes … Rockwell, Berkshire Museum, MASS MOCA, Magic Wings, Clark, Smith, Venefort, Amelia Park, several are closed for the season,

Music Collection    donated by Bob Rosen   over two hundred classical and jazz music CD’s, Selections will be reviewed and cataloged for addition to the library collection. Remaining items will be put in the book sale

Special Events

Berkshire Legislative Breakfast, January 31, Monterey Library

Town Report Article, January 20

Budget forms & Submission, February 6

Quickbooks training, February 19

Census                                          February        organizational   meetings

March             publicity campaign

April               Open sessions

Gloria made a motion, seconded by Sue B. to accept the Director’s Report as written. It was unanimously approved.  

Unfinished Business:


  • MBLC, Small Libraries Pilot Project: Kathy has received a list of questions to answer from MLBC prior to our interview with the selectboard and town officials on Thursday, February 10th at 11:00 AM. Diane suggested that we consider submitting our ideas to Kathy, who will collate and incorporate them into our response to MBLC. Donna noted that that the January/February edition of the Otis Observer contained four articles about the library and that in addition to submitting letters of support, this edition should be submitted to MLBC.
  • Donna and Susan gave an update on the StoryWalk. Due to weather conditions and ice, it was decided not to post a story until the walk is safe to walk on. The Otis Cultural Council has invited the library to submit more information concerning the need for a laminator. Lois and Kathy will research options and other three choices. Susan E. will submit to the OCC by January 19th for consideration at their monthly meeting.
  • Sue B. announced that Diverse Otis had chosen a book for the community read that will be funded by the Diversity Otis Grant. A copy of the book, “An American Marriage” will be given to anyone who would like to have a copy. The Book Club will meet on Zoom on January 20th.

New Business:

  • Friends of the Library: Diane Introduced Tom Burke*, who is interested and excited about forming Friends of the Otis Library. The Friends of the library would seek grant sources and organize and sponsor events that generated revenue for the library that could supplement funding from the town. If the Otis Library were chosen as the recipient of funding for a new library, the Friends Group would be an invaluable resource, potentially generating income that contributes to the town’s 25% financial requirement. There was much discussion: A 501c 3 would have to be established but not with town funded money. In conversation with other libraries Kathy suggested that we could set up a separate account to accept donations earmarked officially to the Friends of the library. The $1000 – $1500 fee that would be needed to file for creation of this group could be provided from these funds. Susan E. made a motion, which was seconded by Gloria, to explore and cooperate with other individuals to investigate the formation of a Friends of the Otis Library. It was unanimously approved. Tom, and another volunteer Michelle will create a flyer to advertise and invite members of the community to form a Friends of the Otis Library.

*A motion was made and accepted to allow that this agenda item be addressed first in the agenda.


The motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Sue and seconded by Donna at 7:31 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary


Next Meeting: February 10, 2022* TWO meetings: one. Interview conducted by the MBLC with the Selectboard and respective Boards at 11:00 AM, hybrid Meeting. 2.  Regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Zoom.

Future Meetings: March 10, 2022, April 14, 2022, May12, 2022, June 9, 2022