Historical Commission Meeting Minutes 11/05/2018

Historical Commission Meeting November 5, 2018

Called to Order at 5:32 pm

Present: Sonia Morrison, Judi Mabee Lauretta Harris, Tom Ragusa, Celeste Watman

Absent: Diane Provence, Thom Garvey

Minutes of October 22, 2018 approved with corrections

Knox Trail

Tom showed us the surveys he has been working with to get certification in order to apply for status with the MA Historical Commission. Funding may be available through “Battlefield Sites” Grants.  He would like a fence around the 64 mile marker and some signage info along the main drive that is used by the snowmobile club. Amanda Lewis of the DCR said we need 1K to apply for matching funds

Historic District – Bonny is almost ready to make application and host 2 more public meetings. Discussion about how we can determine who to invite. We will need to send letters and provide pamphlets at meetings.  Vote to expend cash for letters, postage and brochures – passed.  Sonia believes that Community Development block grants may be used for this

Education -Sonia has not heard back from FRSD about classes taking part in a program devoted to Otis history

St. Paul’s – Still waiting to hear if it has progressed into Land Court yet.  There is a possibility that the Church will return some of the churches personal property that had been contained there.

New Business– Celeste discussed the need to begin preparation for a 5 year strategic plan.  She has experience in this and gave members copies of a sample the she prepared for another organization,. She believes that competing our inventory is the first step.

Next meeting December 3rd 5:30 pm


Meeting Adjourned 7:20 pm