Historical Commission Meeting Minutes 12/3/2018

December 3, 2018 Historical Commission Meeting

5:40 Meeting opened

Present: Diane Provenz, Tom Ragusa, Sonia Morrison, Celeste Watman, Judi Mabee

Guests: Chris and Jan Butler

Minutes from November meeting tabled until January meeting

Knox Trail

Diane and Sonia asked if Sandisfield Land Trust can help with their portion of the trail.  Tom advised he will need to join the Sandisfield Commission. Diane will check with the Lenox Land Trust regarding creating a 501C

Tom is working with Peter Stott of the MA Historical Survey and Planning Development Agency.  He has sent them an application showing the description of the trail and its  history from an indian trail to its existence as the General Knox trail during the Revolutionary War.  Tom needs to submit it to MA commission before it can go to the National commission.  He advised the selectmen at the last “All Boards” meeting of this.  There is a “Trails” grant through DCR for which we may be eligible.


Sonia advised that any monies already spent on restoring the building would go into matching funds.  We should be able to get grants every year if we were to request different entities such as MA Historical/ MA Cultural / MA Emergency funds.

We would have to go through outside groups for help funding other buildings.  – Harmony Hall could get assistance under Sacred Places -there is a forum being held in January  that Sonia will try to attend. Should we consider a Demolition Delay for that building?  We will report on our ongoing projects at the next All Boards meeting

Historic District

Diane spoke to Bonnie Parsons by phone regarding the Historic District.  There is no specific date when we must submit our application – we can send nominations at any time, however grants have certain dates to submit in order to qualify.  There will be a second town meeting after it has been submitted and before it is sent to the National Committee.  Once there, it will get reviewed again and they will send out  a letter to all parties within the district advising how they can opt out, with mailing dates, and will schedule for 3rd meeting.  Once the district has been deemed eligible we can begin to apply for grants.


Discussion about what form of organization would be best to collect and use donations for Specific projects. Sonia will speak to Chris Skelly who can advise what form has succeeded in other small towns

Next meeting: January 7, 2019


Meeting adjourned 8:37