Historical Commission Meeting Minutes 10/06/2020

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Historical Commission minutes for October 6, 2020

Present: Diane Provenz, Sonia Morrison, Gail Gelburd, Tom Ragusa, Judi Mabee, Celeste Watman

Guests: Lynne Geane, Jessica Provenz, Geoff Pigman

Called to order at 10am

Minutes of September 1, 2020 accepted

Knox Trail Video: Jessica reported on Knox Trail film- she spent a few hours with Tom in August, spoke to Bonnie Parsons and met with Ellen and David. She also spoke to Josh Kriggs, a filmmaker in Tyringham. She felt we would be lucky to have him shoot it. He is interested and on board and loves our idea. He has children and would love to tell the story to historians and families and kids. With the boards approval, Jessica would like to start meeting with him. She is not sure of the time frame since he has two previous commitments. He shoots and edits and the editing takes the most time. Diane asked if Ellen could speak to Josh. Jessica asked if Ellen could speak to David too. Gail was interested if we could see some of Josh’s video work and Jessica said yes. She added that he has not done this type of documentary before but he has written grants for Jacobs Pillow and Sesame Street and is very creative.

Sonia asked about the price and Diane advised Ellen can handle the pricing aspect. Jessica noted that he is not out of line. Sonia then asked if this is an OHC or OPT project? Would we need to give Ellen permission to open a dialogue and get pricing information? Sonia also asked for a brief description of script idea and Gail advised we should get an outline of script for Ellen and Josh. Jessica noted that everyone has strong opinions so a conversation is needed. She can do a one pager but it will most likely change. Lynne advised that if he worked for Jacobs Pillow that means he has worked with low budgets and likely non profits. Jessica felt that having someone local would be a big asset. Vote to authorize Ellen to speak to Josh about film together with Jessica was unanimously passed.

Knox Trail: Sonia advised that Larry has not come through with the GIS data and advised we go through a mapping company. Tom said he would be able to do it. Sonia said Bonnie sent Tom info needed to submit to Boston.

St. Paul’s: Diane said Larry told her that when he returns from vacation he will discuss the cupola repair with her. She also spoke of walking the property from deed description with Larry or Jim Crandall. Sonia noted that we need a survey.

East Otis Schoolhouse: Sonia advised its been tough getting McAllister to finish work so we can have something usable to submit for grant application. She felt that for the next project we should go out to bid. We need a engineer/architect. Diane expressed confidence in their experience and understood there had been some personal issues that contributing to the delay. Celeste noted that we must reach a resolution on this so we can move forward.

Grants Applications: Celeste met last week with Gail and Lynne to review application for MA Historical Survey and Planning grants. The grant committee reported updated information regarding survey and planning grants and organizational ideas.

New Business: Gail has been working on the collection of paperwork donated to us from the estate of Marlyn Coffee. There are old letters and materials from a local woman Sue Moody White who was a journalist spending time in Paris. Gail would like to write a book about her life using these documents and publish it. Gail has had experience writing and publishing books and feels this story has more than just local interest. Motion passed to allow Gail to proceed.

Meeting adjourned 11:05

Next meeting to be held by zoom on November 3 at 10am