Library Meeting Minutes 09/10/2020

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Otis Library Museum Meeting— Minutes

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Members present – Diane Dyer, Donna Rich, Jim Adams, Gloria Mamokhin, Kathy Bort, Lois Hall, Sue Brofman

Chair, Diane Dyer called the meeting to order at 6:15.

Gloria Mamokhin was voted in as a trustee (Susan Ebitz on the phone for this vote). The motion was made by Sue and seconded by Donna.

Approval of August Minutes: Diane announced that the August Minutes were unavailable, tabled until next month.

Treasurer’s Report: There was a loss for the month of August of approx. $3,000.

Director’s Report: See Attached (unedited)

Discussion regarding finding someone to staff the library on Saturdays. Board will look into this. The Board indicating a desire to reopen the library in accordance with proper safety measures. After discussion the Board agreed to accept the Director’s proposal that entrance to the library be by appointment only. The Board voted unanimously to the following days and hours for patrons to visit the library by appointment: Wednesday and Thursday 11 am—5 pm and Friday 12 noon —6 pm.

The motion was made by Sue to accept Phase 2 Step 2 with the days and hours passed by the Board, Donna seconded. IJnanimous vote in favor.

Board will revisit opening on Saturdays and during the week without appointment at the October meeting.

Unfinished Business:

Personnel — Kerry will continue to assist the Library as a virtual consultant and will be paid hourly.

The ARIS Report and completed and signed for FY20.

The Board approved wage increases of 75 cents per hour for Kathy B„ Lois, Kerry and Kathy C.

Other Fundraising:

Library Appeal letter was not sent out due to question about adding language with regard to the

Library’s loss of resources due to COVID. It was agreed that the letter should contain language regarding the impact it has had. Kathy will ask Celeste to add language; Gloria volunteered to assist.

Jim is continuing to explore the online app “In Our Backyard”. Our goal would be to raise an additional $5,000. In order to get started a draft webpage is required. Jim and Gloria volunteered to work on this project.

New Business:

Sue discussed the meeting between her, Susan Ebitz and Larry Gould regarding seeking funds through the Cares Act. Sue and Susan will work on obtaining the necessary information to provide to the Town.

Board agreed to move the monthly meeting time to 5 pm beginning in October. Sue moved; Donna seconded. Unanimous vote.

Donna told the board about the Storywalk “l AM Human”, that she and Susan ran. It was a great success with 10 family members attending.

The motion to adjourn the regular meeting was made by Sue and seconded by Donna at 8 pm.


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Brofman, Treasurer