Cultural Council Meeting Minutes 04/21/2021

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Meeting was called to order at 6:15PM

  1. Arlene Tolopko made a motion to accept the minutes of February 10, 2021. The minutes were approved.
  2. The chair report
  3. Visitor Maggie Bragagnolo was introduced to the group as a possible member.
  4. Jeanne Randorf spoke of two articles which she wrote to the Otis Observer, one describing the work of our committee and how funds are allotted and another asking for new members. The committee then explored several ideas for recruiting new members.
  • Financial update

Shanon Albee gave a financial update. It was also suggested that gift cards be sent to volunteers who tend to the town flower barrels to help with the expense of filling and maintaining the barrels throughout the summer.

  1. Status of grants

Due to COVID-19, C.J. Keller, 5th grade teacher at Farmington River Elementary School  grant applicants withdrew his grant proposals. The      Committee explored other possibilities. We received a request from Kathy Bort of Otis Library to fund Magic Wings Butterfly Museum passes. This request was approved by vote of the committee.

Maggie Bragagnolo described an the Art Close to Home program which will be in progress from June 5 thru June 19. Jeanne agreed to contact other programs to ascertain their status.

  1. Recycling

Deb Fogel stated that she received a last check for $2,500 for our recycling efforts. The recycling proceeds have been set aside to donate to the Farmington River School for an electronic outdoor message board. The total contribution now totals $15,000.

  1. A proposed meeting schedule was announced. Meetings will take place on the third Wednesday of the month.

vii. Maggie Bragagnolo stated that she would like to become a member of the Otis Cultural Council. The board welcomed her.

The meeting ended at 7:23PM. The next meeting will be held May 19 via Zoom.