Cultural Council Meeting Minutes 03/15/2022

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Otis Cultural Council


March 15, 2022


Meeting held virtually on Zoom.  This meeting was recorded.


  1. Call to Order:  6:02 P.M.  Present:  Jeanne Randorf, Carole Burke, Carol Lombardo, Deb Fogel, Arlene Tolopko, Shanon Albee


  1. Approval of the Minutes of January 19, 2022. Carol Lombardo motioned to approve the minutes.  Deb Fogel seconded the motion.  The minutes were approved.


III.  Chair Report (Jeanne):


  1. On March 21 letters will go out to all of the gardeners about taking care of the barrels.  Jeanne received an email from someone interested in taking care of a barrel.


  1. Jeanne wrote an article for the Otis Observer and the Otis website about the grant process.


  1. The Otis Cultural Council (OCC) is able to hold meetings virtually until at least July.  The committee is in favor of keeping Zoom as an option.


  1. The Cultural Committee gave CHP $100.00


  1. Financial update (Shanon): Please see Grants and Other Financial Requests.


  1. Grants and Other Financial Requests:


  1. Kindergarten request from Meghan Martin.  She is requesting $850.00 to take the first and second grades in May or early June to the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford, CT.  This is being provided from money set aside from the grant money.


  1. Otis Library Laminator:  The library has purchased the laminator.  The Cultural Council has granted the library $1,439.00 for the laminator, $261.34 for shipping, and $219.99 for the service plan. Total amount granted is $1920.33.


  1. Story Telling Request:  Kathy Bort suggested getting in touch with the school to host it.  Jeanne will email the principal.


  1. Rick Hamlin (Potter):  The Magic Potter’s Wheel. The children and parents have enjoyed him in the past.


  1. Arlene personally provided LGBTQ coloring books for the school depicting gay families.  She asked if there were any additional Cultural Council funds that could be used to purchase more of these coloring books for the school.  Jeanne suggested that the school write a letter to her with the amount of books they would need.  It was also suggested that recycling money could be used to purchase these coloring books.


  1. Recycling Program (Deb):  Recycling program going well.  New members:  Carole Burke and Maggie Bragagnolo.


VII.  Other Business:


  1. John Charow is willing to give technology sessions for the library.  Kathy Bort said that the library could use funding from the OCC.  Arlene will have the library committee write a letter to the OCC asking for funding.  Jeanne will follow up with Kathy Bort.


  1. Guest Speaker:  Stephanie McNair from the Celebration Committee reported that they will be having a celebration in Otis in either July or August (date to be determined).  The committee has $3,500 from the town, and will receive an additional $3,500 in July, although all of it can’t be used for the celebration.


This celebration will be held at The Knox Trail Inn, and will have a band, finger foods, and raffles.  It will honor three people and raise funds to benefit the Otis community:  Sonia Morrison (Otis Celebrations Comittee), Bill Dyer and Jack O’Brien (“Smile Like Jack” Fund to benefit trade school scholarships and the outdoorsman lifestyle).


Arlene suggested inviting Stephanie to the next few meeting of the OCC.


The next meeting will be on April 20, 2022 on Zoom.


Meeting ended 7:05 P.M.


Minutes submitted by Carole Burke