Council on Aging Minutes 06/14/2017



Meeting was called to order at 10:40 by Ralph


In attendance were Ralph; Dottie; Carol Blakeslee; Jane Bernasconi; Bob Rock, Bill Fennelly, Russ Loring & Alice Gage


Minutes of meeting of May 10, 2017 were read, motion to accept as read made by Dottie, seconded by Carol: vote to accept was unanimous.


Dottie: Treasurers report by Dottie –All current bills paid, we are getting timely bank statements; Our on-line banking is giving up-to-date information.  Tall Ships Trip has been paid for, we have invoice for Lancaster Trip and can now pay it.


Carol: Volunteer appreciation lunch is all set for Thursday July 13, 2017 at 1:00 PM at Fratelli’s.  Invitations have been hand delivered and looks like we will have 22 or so in attendance


Ralph: We have had a good reply to our 2018 Senior Trip Surveys.  Should be able to review in detail at our next meeting.  A new trip has just been announced and that is the Broadway Production of The King and I.  It is scheduled for early may and I have requested details.


Ralph:  Discussion on how to get more Seniors involved.  We are all aging and need to have more younger seniors come on board.


Richard:  Has a friend who is interested in putting something together at Batavier Downs Casino as a stop on our Finger Lakes region trip, along with discount hotel rates, and visiting a winery, for Jane B.  Further talks will be based on survey results, and available trips to the area.


Richard:  Has a contact with a propane delivery company to lock in rates based on a group sign-up.  Question is how do we get the word out?


No other business.


Meeting adjourned at 11:15 AM