Zoning Board Meeting Minutes 09/05/2018

Town of Otis, Massachusetts


MINUTES            September 5, 2018         Approved



Meeting held at Otis Town Hall

1 North Main Road, Otis, MA

7:00 pm – 7:31 pm


ZBA Members:  (Present) Therese Gould, Michael Ernst, James Kauffman, Geoffrey Geane, Sara Skibski, and  Kathy Couch

ZBA Members:  (Absent)

Public Attendees: Jean-Guy Nadeau, Roland Nadeau, and Dave Donahue

Meeting at convened 7:00 pm


Therese Gould opened the meeting at 7:00 pm. Introductions of the board members were made.


Agenda item #1 – Introduction of Associate/Alternate Member

Discussion: Introduction of Sara Skibski was made. Ms. Skibski will be an associate/alternate member.

Kathy Couch mentioned that we have a full member position opening due to a resignation and mentioned that if she was interested Sara could fill that position.


Agenda item #2To hear and act upon the application of Roland Nadeau and Jean-Guy Nadeau, for a Zoning By-Law Special Permit under Section 3.3.3 of the Otis Zoning by-laws, as to construct a second story addition and an 8’ x 10’ addition to the existing building while maintaining current setbacks. The lot is listed in the Otis assessor’s records as Lot # 50 on Map 17C, 176 Kibbe Road, Otis, MA


Terry read the public notice. The abutters’ notifications were mailed on August 15, 2018.  No abutters’ notices were returned. The town boards were notified on August 12, 2018. The public notice was printed in the Berkshire Eagle on August 22, 2018, and August 29, 2018. No responses for or against the special permit application have been received as of 10:00 am today.  Jean-Guy and Roland presented their building plan to the board. They would like to add an 8’x10’ addition to the corner of the house which squares up the house.

The footprint of the house will not increase. They would like to add to the second story in hopes that the addition would remedy the ice and water issues that they are having. The increase of the roof is only three feet. Terry asked if there were any questions from the floor. There were none. She closed the meeting to the public comments. Discussion of the board members.

Kathy Couch stated that she said that visited the sight and the limb of the tree above the roof line currently is would have to be cut. This is where the addition would be built; the second story would not impede the view of the abutters.

Geoof Geane made a motion to approve the application for the special permit. Jim Kauffman seconded the motion. Sar Skibski,  Michael Ernst, and Therese Gould voted in the affirmative. The special permit is granted.

Terry Gould advised the applicant that the special permit will sit in abeyance for 20 days with the town clerk.  The applicant can pick up the “Notice of Decision” and “Notice for Filing” on the 21st day.  Then the applicant needs to file the permit with the Registry of Deeds in Pittsfield.  Then they bring the receipt of filing to the building inspector for the building permit.  Failure to file or act upon the permit within two years will make the special permit null and void.




Agenda item #3Receive update from Building Inspector, Larry Gould

Discussion: Larry Gould has nothing to report.


Agenda item #4 –Update for next meeting

Discussion: Next meeting is scheduled for October 1, 2018.  The deadline for applications is tomorrow, September 6, 2018.


Agenda item #5 – Mail

Discussion:  Kathy read into the record that Ed Partyka, member of Board of Appeals, will be resigning his position. Copies of the updated Zoning bylaws was passed out.


Agenda item #6 – Minutes

Discussion:  Minutes tabled until next meeting.


Agenda item #7– Old/New business:

Discussion: Nothing to discuss.


Geoff Geane made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Jim Kauffman seconded the motion, all in favor.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35  pm

Katherine Couch

Clerk Zoning Board