Technology Committee Meeting Minutes 06/18/2018

Otis Technology Committee

Minutes for Meeting of

June 18, 2018

Otis Town Hall Conference Room


Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm in the Town Hall Conference Room, is being recorded, and a quorum is present.


Present:  Bill Hiller, George Mabee, Laurie Flower, Larry Gould, Lisa D’Orazio, and Dave Rice



Approval of Meeting Minutes:  The amended February 21, 2018 Technology meeting minutes were again approved with a small change.  The March 19, 2018 meeting minutes written by Bill were unanimously approved with a minor change.


New Fax for Town Clerk:  Lyn’s fax machine which is used by multiple departments is starting to not print well.  We can either replace the drum in it, or for an additional $18.00 we can purchase a new fax machine from Staples that is a slightly better model than she currently has.  Technology unanimously approved purchasing the new fax machine.


New Email Implementation:  John from CSS Ventures is ready to begin the new email implementation in July.  John says he will be able to save all the gmail to our server.  He will be installing the two new Assessors computers next week.  Rec. Center is the only department that has not been upgraded so they can continue to run HubMan.


Technology Grants:  The contract for the $76,000 Technology Grant has been signed.  We need to have one more meeting with Eric and Vadar to discuss the payroll module and the details about the implementation and the access for both the school and Town Hall.


Vadar and Accela:  We need to determine if we can prorate our Accela annual invoice.  And we still do not have a scheduled date for the Vadar implementation.


Broadband Updates:  Phase 1 to-the-home connections are still being made.  We currently have 761 applications, which is about 50% of our population.  Not all applications are for to-the-home connections.  Phase 2 and 3 were previously approved to go forward by Verizon.  Eversource has now completed their Phase 2 work so our fiber construction can begin on July 9th.  Eversource is now working on their Phase 3 work and expect to be completed before we are ready to begin fiber construction on Phase 3.



Mailing Machines:  A handful of mailing machines were being looked at for use in Town Hall.  Everyone thought they were a good idea and we could even use them for our certified mailings.


Sertex:  They are running an ad in the Otis Observer because they will run underground conduit service separately for those customers who want this service.  This is an elective service and is extra from being connected to broadband service.



The meeting was unanimously adjourned at 6:45 pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Lisa D’Orazio, recording secretary

Town of Otis Technology Committee




List of Documents


  1. A copy of the information on the new fax machine will be filed with these meeting minutes.


  1. A copy of the email regarding the newly awarded Technology Grant will be filed with these meeting minutes.


  1. A copy of the invoice from CSS Ventures for the Assessors’ computers will be filed with these meeting minutes.


  1. A copy of the Condition of Accounts for Technology will be filed with these meeting minutes.