Selectboard Meeting Minutes 06/13/2023

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Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Otis Town Hall

Conference Room

Tuesday, June 13, 2023, at 6:30 PM



This meeting will be held in person at the location provided on this notice. Members of the public are welcome to attend. A remote option is offered via zoom with the link provided below.

Please note that while an option for remote participation is being provided as a courtesy, the meeting will not be suspended or terminated if technological problems interrupt the virtual broadcast, unless otherwise required by law. Anyone with interest in any specific item should plan in person attendance.


Topic: My Meeting

Time: Jun 13, 2023 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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Meeting ID: 810 7418 2842

Passcode: 280370


Attendance: Larry Southard- Chair, Gary Thomas, Terry Gould, Brandi Page, Larry Gould, Sue Ebitz, Tammy Weidhass & Chris Bouchard. On Zoom- Phil Magovern.


Call to Order: 6:30 PM


Approval of Minutes: Minutes from May 24th were approved as written.


Reconstitute the Board: Larry Southard stated that he felt things are going well and that he would be willing to stay on as Chair if that was what was decided. Terry commented that typically boards rotate and that it sets a good example for other Boards and Committees. There was discussion about Terry also currently being Chair of the Finance Committee. Terry said they are planning to meet next week and she expects to rotate out of the Chairmanship. Gary wanted to clarify that Terry has been Chair of the Finance Committee for three years. Terry confirmed that as new members have come onto FinCom she has remained Chair. Gary made a motion to have Larry remain as Chair. After some discussion, Terry seconded the motion and it passed.


Appointments: The Board went down through the list and made the appointments. See attached. Building Inspector, Highway Superintendent, Police Chief, Police Sergeant, Police F/T Officer, Collector, Accountant and Water Operator transitioned to three-year appointments going forward. The Board reviewed and read aloud Lyn’s list of poll workers for Fy24 and approved it.


Town Beach: The Board had hired Michael Diskin as Beach Attendant. He is set to start Saturday. Brandi had reached out to the rep at Ultiplay and had not been able to connect with him yet. This will be continued until our next meeting. Gary wants to consider swings as well.





Year End Transfers: Larry made a motion to approve year end transfers for the Insurance and Snow & Ice budgets. FinCom was fine with them. Motion seconded and passed. See attached.


FY24 Sewer Commitment: The Board approved and signed the FY24 Sewer Commitment. Brandi indicated that the intent with the new customer tying in would be to process an abatement after the tie in to return the fees assessed prior. The Board was fine with that.


Permitting: Brandi had placed this back on the agenda for more discussion. The Building Inspector is looking at Simplicity as well as Permit Eyes for online permitting software. A few things are still being weighed out. Also continued is the discussion of the increase to plumbing and electric fees. Still being looked at is how and when inspectors would be paid in the new system. Recommendation will be made at the next meeting.


Recent & Upcoming Events: Terry attended the farewell at the School for Rob Putnam and Eric Jesner. She had also attended a training for Select Board members last week in Devons. She said there was a lot of good information and some round table exercises.


Review & Approval of Warrants: Payroll and vendor warrants are on the table for signature.


Not Anticipated: Sue Ebitz said she is excited at the prospect of new things at the Town Beach. Chris Bouchard stated DEP is looking for the final reports on the demo debris hauled from the Erbe site.


Adjournment: 7:21 PM




June 14, 2023

Re: FY23 Year End Transfers



Town Accountant,


The Selectboard, with the approval of the Finance Committee, unanimously approved the following FY23 year-end transfers at their posted meeting last night.


Vote to transfer $7,700.00 from 01.912.5170.000000 Unemployment Benefits to

01.945.5780.019454 Insurance Contingency.


Vote to transfer $25,800.00 from 01.422.5118.014221 Highway Regular Salaries to

01.423.5480.014233 Snow & Ice Fuel.




Brandi J. Page


Town Administrator