Selectboard Meeting Minutes 05/25/2022

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Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Otis Town Hall

Conference Room

Joint with Rec Commission

Tuesday, May 25, 2022, at 6:30 PM


This meeting will be held in person at the location provided on this notice. Members of the public are welcome to attend. A remote option is offered via zoom with the link provided below.

Please note that while an option for remote participation is being provided as a courtesy, the meeting will not be suspended or terminated if technological problems interrupt the virtual broadcast, unless otherwise required by law. Anyone with interest in any specific item should plan in person attendance. Recordings are kept for the sole purpose of drafting minutes and are available by request.


Topic: Selectboard

Time: May 25, 2022 06:30 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)


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Attendance: Chair Larry Southard, Gary Thomas, Terry Gould, Brandi Page, Jen Catolane, Dana Pustinger, Kelly Kennedy, Phil McGovern, Shaw Izikson,  & Rich Phair.


Call to Order: 6:30 PM


Approval of Minutes:  The April 7th Joint Budget minutes and May 10th Selectboard minutes were approved as written. Larry made a motion to accept the minutes, Gary seconded, and passed unanimously.


Upcoming Agreement Renewals:  The Board reviewed the draft of the annual Otis Library agreement. Larry made a motion to approve and execute the agreement. Terry seconded and motion passed unanimously.


The Shared Chief agreement will be updated by Becket and sent to us for approval and signatures.


The Board reviewed the current draft of the annual Otis Rescue Squad agreement. Terry expressed continued concern over the staffing issues the Rescue Squad has been facing. The Board discussed the quarterly reports that are expected and annual audits. Those points will be made clear and an updated draft will be reviewed at the next meeting. Rich Phair spoke about some recent staffing recruitment the Squad has been doing and some early discussions about possible sharing with a border town.


Quick discussion about the RRG Assessing Services contract that is up for renewal. Harald asked if the Town would be open to a 6 mos contract. Their company is in the process of dealing with staffing shortages and is looking to solidify a coverage plan in the coming months. The Board is agreeable to a 6 mos contract. Brandi will let RRG know and have them send us a draft.


Recreation Department/Commission Discussion: Larry asked the Rec Commission what they see for the future of the department. They would like to see Patricia’s position filled as it exists now. Gary stated the soonest we would be hiring would be July 1st for budget reasons. Terry felt this is a good time to re-examine things. Larry feels Otis is unique in that is has had a fulltime Rec Department and offer the type of programming it has. Brandi said the Board should think about what programming/services they would like to see the Town continue. Everyone feels the chair and mat yoga is well attended and should continue. The Holiday events are also very popular. Events that were already scheduled and taking sign-ups are still being held. Upcoming are the basket weaving and fishing clinic. Larry asked for more information as to programming, the current job description, and felt the Board would continue the discussion at the next meeting.


Police Department Update: The Board reviewed the descriptions for the Sergeant and F/T Officer positions that Kris was advertising. These will have a July start date. Kris has made the current officers aware they have to apply along with everyone else if they are interested.


Review & Approval of Warrants: Payroll and vendor warrants are on the table for signature.


Not Anticipated: Steve Schultze and Tom Soules have posed the question of moving the WWII Memorial that sits down on Rte. 8 in front of the Congregational Church. The memorial is very close to the road and they would like the Town to consider moving it.


The Historic Commission wanted to pay Town Counsel’s invoice for the title work on St. Paul’s that was required for the grant they had submitted to MHC out of their town budget. After brief discussion Larry made a motion for OPT to pay the invoice as originally planned, Gary seconded and motion passed unanimously.


Gary welcomed Lyn Jablonksi to the Finance Board. He made a motion for Larry to continue as Selectboard Chair, Terry seconded and motion passed. Gary stated he has been very happy with how Larry runs the meetings. Dana thanked the Board for the open discussion in regard to the Rec Department.


Adjournment: 7:46 PM