Select Board Meeting Minutes 02/03/2020

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Town of Otis

Select Board Meeting Minutes

February 03, 2020

5:00 p.m.


  1. Call to Order: The meeting was called to order at 5:00 pm for the purpose if interviews only. Quorum was present.


  1. Present: Bill Hiller, Larry Southard, Brandi Page and Derek Poirier.


5:00 Interview- John Murray. The Board interviewed John and answered any questions about the position.


5:30 Interview- Thor Murray. The Board interviewed Thor and answered any questions about the position.


After the applicants were done the Board discussed hiring and compensation. Offers will be made to both applicants. Status update at the next scheduled meeting on Feb 11th.


  1. Meeting adjourned at 6:30



Respectfully Submitted,

Brandi Page

Town Administrator