Recreation Commission Minutes 04/20/2017

Recreation Commission
April 20, 2017, Thursday @ 6:30PM
Harmony Hall, 70 North Main Road, Otis, MA

Meeting called by & time: Kathy Carroll, 6:42PM.
Meeting facilitated by: Kathy Carroll.
Board Members Present: Kathy Carroll, Mary Adams, Dana Pustinger.
Board Members Absent: Bill Dyer.
Others Present: Patricia Richard, Program Supervisor.

Introductions. None needed.
Review & approval of Minutes. Approved 3/6/17 meeting minutes.
FY18 Budget.
Review of FB/BOS meeting. Patricia provided a summary of the 3/28/17 budget meeting with the Select & Finance Boards. Reference FB/BOS 3/28/17 meeting minutes attached.
Capital Expense request. Provided information from the 3/28/17 meeting.
FY17 remaining expenses. Patricia contacted the Farmington River Elementary PTA regarding Screen – Free week BINGO. The PTA has notified us they will not be doing BINGO this year.
Treasurer report. Reviewed – some transactions were not included due to a glitch in the transfer of data from the old computer to the new computer – but should be available soon.
Rec Center.
Staff. Patricia explained that we have not received a job description from Chris Morris for the Movie Night Supervisor or the Disinfecting/Cleaning of the cardio room. Patricia will submit the request.
Programs/Project Proposals.
Updates. See #4a. Discussed Pilates for July & August – attendance has been somewhat poor the last couple years therefore it was decided to offer STRETCH twice a week instead. Patricia reviewed the details for the upcoming Ayurveda Workshop with Connie Wilson, 5/27/17.
Easter Egg Hunt. Went well – about 90-100 people attended. Reviewed surveys – great!
Obstacle Course Event. Dana provided an update from a recent obstacle course (indoor) youth birthday party – was based on gymnastics/equipment. Further discussion tabled until next meeting.
Jewelry Workshop. Went well – reviewed surveys, participants are glad to see workshops like this offered.
Basket Weaving Workshop. Mary provided an update – 10 participants, Saturday workshop 9:00AM-5:00PM, excellent reviews on surveys. Participants would like to see more than one offered a year.
Dance (Hustle) Program. Patricia explained that Sal Angelo gets some (experienced) volunteers to help out as partners for the singles in the dance program. Patricia suggested gift cards for the volunteers, $20 each. Approved.
Otis Ridge.
Maple Corner Farm. Update and criteria change for next season. Joyce & Leon would like to see more participation at MCF – Joyce and Patricia discussed some ideas – suggested either an 8 or 12 admission punch card per family, passes for rental & trail do not need to be separated, $300 for (trial) season – will be discussed further at a future meeting.
Six Flags – consignment program.
Screen Free Week – BINGO. No BINGO per FRRSD PTA, changing events being offered this year.
Shake your Soul. With Heather Bilotta, June through August, Friday mornings, will review attendance sheets in July about status of class going forward.
Performers. Patricia explained that we will need to book a performer very soon as their dates fill up quickly for July & August. Patricia will contact possible performers (as discussed at a previous meeting) regarding scheduling and pricing.
July & August classes/scheduling. Reviewed.
Memos. None.
Old Business. Mary discussed the monies for the Gingerbread House event and would like to find out more information and will report at the next meeting.
New Business. None.


Meeting adjourned at: 8:31PM.
Respectfully submitted by: Patricia Richard.
Submitted to Town Clerk.