Recreation Commission Meeting Minutes 10/18/2022

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Recreation Commission
Tuesday, October 18, 2022 @ 6:00PM
Otis Town Hall, 1 North Main Road, Meeting Room


Meeting called by & time: Jennifer Catolane, 6:07 PM
Meeting facilitated by: Jennifer Catolane
Board Members Present: Jennifer Catolane, Dana Pustinger, Kelly Kennedy, Robin Martin
Board Members Absent: None
Others Present: N/A

1. Introductions

2. Review and approval of prior meeting minutes – September 22, 2022, meeting minutes approved.

3. Accounting
a. FY23 Budget – Otis Gazette charge questioned from prior meeting was annual advertisement charge approved previously by Patricia. No other questions on budget.
b. FY23 Revolving – will follow up on balance with Brandi.

4. Programs
a. Online Wellness Programs
i. Inspirations with Viktoria Seavey, Tuesdays & Thursdays, 8:30AM – no changes

b. In-Person Classes/Programs
i. Chair Yoga with Connie Wilson, Wednesdays, 10:00-11:00AM – no changes
ii. Mat Yoga with Connie Wilson, Saturdays, 9:30AM-10:45AM – no changes

iii. Backup instructor – reviewed email provided by Connie to Brandi regarding backup instructor when Connie is unable to attend class. Backup instructor rates are higher than current instructor rates. Board does not feel a backup instructor should be paid more than the regular instructor, if the instructor is not available the class will be cancelled. Follow up with Brandi why Connie plans on needing a backup instructor.

c. Other Programs
i. Funz Trampoline Park jump passes – no updates, Dana has emailed multiple times with no response.

ii. Trunk or Treat, Friday October 28th, 5-7pm – Robin has made 150 bags for the rec center “Ghost” trunk, we will email registered trunks that we average 150 treaters. We currently have 8 registered trunks. We will be extending the date to register trunks. Robin will be at the Ridge early for when trunk registrants show up to set up their trunks. We are looking for a couple more judges for the trunk and costume contest. Dana says the police dept couldn’t find any of our old signs for the event, so she has asked Candy to make up 3-4 signs for us. So far $71.47 has been spent, candy bars are still going to be purchased once we receive the Big Y card from Brandi. We found a lot of toy treats in Harmony Hall to put in our treat bags which has kept our cost down this year. Dana is going to make forms for the kids to put their contact information on for the costume contest. Robin suggested putting Gingerbread House event flyer in treat bags.
Tuesday, October 18, 2022 @ 6:00PM
Otis Town Hall, 1 North Main Road, Meeting Room

MINUTES continued…

iii. Gingerbread House Event, tentative dates, setup Saturday December 3rd, in person event Sunday December 4th – room is reserved. 10am set up Saturday. Sessions will be 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. 9am Sunday to finish set up. Dana has a list of supplies from prior years to determine who much we will need to order. Leftovers will go to FRES 1st grade class as they have in the past to help support their classroom gingerbread builds. We need to plan a trip to Harmony Hall to check supplies in storage bins.

iv. Otis Ridge Ski Voucher Program – no update.
v. Snowman Contest – revisit when we get snow.

5. Town Website – members section has been updated. Link for passes doesn’t work and asked for it to be removed. Asked Brandi how out of town participants are paying for the classes if the link wasn’t working, waiting for response.

6. Community Survey – Survey Monkey only allows the first 40 responses for free. Discussed paying for monthly subscription to view all 91 survey responses. Approved to subscribe for $25 for 1 month, if possible, and then cancel after getting survey results. Of the 40 responses we could view, 11 have responded to help volunteer for our events.

7. Memos.

8. Old Business.

9. New Business. – There are many ski and bike helmets in Harmony Hall from prior year events that we need to discuss what to do with.

10. Adjourn.

Meeting adjourned at: 6:50 PM
Respectfully submitted by: Jennifer Catolane
Submitted to: Town Clerk