Planning Board Meeting Minutes 01/13/2020

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Town of Otis

Planning Board Meeting Minutes

January 13, 2020

7:00 p.m.

Town Hall Planning Room


  1. Roll Call: Present: Hal Kobrin, Jim Kauffman, Jen Daly


  1. Public: Stacey Schultze, Carrieanne Petrik


  1. The Planning Board meeting was brought to order at 7:02.


  1. Approval of Minutes. Approval of December 9, 2019 Planning Board meeting minutes Jim made motion to approve, Jen seconded.  All in favor.


  1. Planning Board Clerk: Welcome our new clerk, Stacey Schultze to her first meeting.


  1. Guest Speaker: Carrieanne Petrik; Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness Program Regional Coordinator for the Berkshires & Hilltowns for the MA Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs. Petrik spoke about how her office can support the Town in preparing for climate change and how to access State funds for it.


Hal suggests that a combined HMP and MVP be addressed and move forward in applying for grant funds.  Jen points out that it plays into the formation of Master Plan.  Hal calls for a vote and motions to move forward and approach each division of the town for support.  (Subcommittee will cover complete streets, master planning, and MVP.)  Jen seconds the motion, all in favor.


  1. Planning Board Annual Report due by 1-20-20


Hal distributed a copy to all board members.  Jen makes motion to approve/accept.  Jim seconds, all in favor.


  1. Otis Municipal Phone List: Updates requested


Phone numbers are being written down by all present- secretary will email others for their phone numbers and distribute to necessary offices.


  1. FY 21 Budget Request


Requesting more $ due to more planning meetings (staff payments) and mailings.  Jen suggests asking for $2000 for postage, $700 for education, $5000 for salary, $2000 legal advertising and advertising, $15,000 for Master Plan (to be reimbursed through grants), all others agree.


  1. FY 2021-2025 Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)


Paying for Tannery Bridge is one of the projects listed.  Need to try to get a member of the select board to attend a meeting to get public transportation for Otis.


  1. Any Other Business, Old or New


Dark sky (light pollution) a potential bi-law needed.


Need for solar bi-laws for master plan.  Gathering of example bi-laws for research has begun.


Motion to adjourn at 8:20 by Jen and seconded by Hal, approved by all.




The Public is invited to attend