Library Meeting Minutes 11/04/2021

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Otis Library & Museum Annual Meeting*

Thursday, November 4, 2021

6:00 PM


* Meeting will be conducted in accordance with the Massachusetts Open Meeting Law

Members present – Diane Dyer, Chair, James Adams (Zoom) Kathy Bort, Sue Brofman, Lois Hall, Gloria Mamokhin (Zoom) Donna Rich, Celeste Watman and Susan Ebitz

Chair Diane Dyer called the meeting to order at 6:06 PM.

The October Minutes were approved unanimously.


Treasurer’s reports: Tabled until December


Director’s Report: (Kathy’s update on the Small Libraries Pilot Project reflected in ‘Unfinished Business) Director Kathleen Bort reported that the library is remarkably busy. The town is getting a new phone system and the library will be put on it. Currently we have four phones and one fax. We are slated to receive two phones and one cordless. Kathy stated we need one more phone because the cordless phone has too much static and that is only place for private teleconferencing. Kathy will talk to Larry about a separate phone line for the Fax machine. The library staff uses it several times a week and patrons use it in the summer. The new phone system will have messaging for out hours, holiday and inclement weather messaging and voice mail and messaging. Kathy was not sure about remote access. These changes will go in effect in the next few weeks. Training will be the day before.


The annual weeding and patron share has already brought several patrons in take advantage of the free materials available. Sue B. made a motion, seconded by Susan E. to accept the Director’s Report as written. It was unanimously approved.                                                                 


Unfinished Business:

  • Small Pilot Library Project: Kathy reported the application was nearly finished and would be submitted to Karen after she and Lois proofread it. The application explains and justifies the consideration of funding a new library. The new library would increase space for adults and children and create a space for Young Adult/Teens. Two proposed areas include a meeting and maker space that would be accessed by the community regardless of whether the library was open or not. Lauren, from MLBC will be at the Special Town Meeting to answer questions along with Kathy. Diane will introduce the topic.
  • Annual Appeal: Celeste was thanked for editing the letter. Kathy will meet with Patty soon to get it printed and distributed. The end of the year is the target date.
  • Donna and Susan gave an update on the StoryWalk. Currently, borrowing laminated books from the Berkshire Atheneum is working out very well. The October Offering was able to be viewed for the entire month. Susan will apply to the Otis Cultural Council to see if the library and get funds directed towards a new laminator so that we might laminate our own books.
  • Sue B. announced that Diverse Otis had chosen a book for the community read that will be funded by the Diversity Otis Grant. A copy of the book, “An American Marriage” will be given to anyone who would like to have a copy. The Book Club will meet on Zoom on January 20th.

New Business:

  • The election results of the annual meeting:

Chair: Diane Dyer

Recording Secretary: Susan Ebitz

Treasurer: Susan Brofman

Curator of Museum Artifacts: Celeste Watman

  • Diane reminded the Trustees of the email she had sent regarding free ecourses available
  • Museum Artifacts: Kathy gave Celeste a copy of Swinton’s First Readers published in 1882 from the museum artifacts that The Otis Historical Commission might want to put in the East Otis schoolhouse. Celeste notified the board of a large trove of Berkshire County memorabilia that was available for the taking in Ohio. Everyone agreed that this rich collection deserved a home but that our library, with its existing space problem was not feasible at this time.

The motion to adjourn the annual meeting was made by Sue and seconded by Susan at 6:15 PM.


Respectfully Submitted,

Susan Ebitz, Recording Secretary


Next Meeting: December 9, 2021

Future Meetings: January 13, 2022, February 10, 2022, March 10, 2022, April 14,

2022, May12, 2022, June 9, 2022