Historical Commission Meeting Minutes 01/09/2018

Otis Historical Commission meeting January 9, 2018


Called to order 5:44 PM


Present: Sonia Morrison-Kobrin, Thomas Garvey, Diane Provenz,  Judi Mabee

Absent: Charles Rosenblum and Lauretta Harris

Guest: Tom Ragusa


Tom gave an update on the Yanner Park Extension – State funding was found for the trail from Yanner Park in Sandisfield to the Clam River and Lower Spec pond.  He is now hoping to get federal funding to extend a network from October Mountain to all the walking and snowmobile trails.  He is looking at applying for a Battlefield Grant for the Knox Trail to Cold Spring section. He would be interested in finding out if the Town of Otis would look into creating a parking lot on some town owned property on Algerie Rd near the “65 Mile” marker on the Know Trail.  He is also hoping to get the Wolcott Stone marker on the Historical Registry.


Diane and Thom apprised us of their meeting with Steve McAllister regarding St. Paul’s Church stabilization project.  They also prepared a list of possible areas of funding and designations available from the State and Federal Governments. (i.e.: Historical Districts Federal and State Historic Registers and Preservation)


Diane has contacted Bonnie Parsons to see if she might be able to help us get St. Paul’s recognized as a Historic Building


Sonia contacted Chris Skelly at the State to see what they have in MACRIS and compare it to what we have as listings of Historical properties in town.


Minutes of November Meeting were accepted


Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM