Cultural Council Meeting Minutes 08/19/2020

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OCC Minutes

August 19, 2020


Attendees: Chairperson: Jeanne Randorf, Arlene Tolopko, Carol Lombardo, Treasurer: Shannon Albee, Deb Fogel, Recording Secretary: Vicki Ernst


  1. Call to Order: 6:05 PM Meeting was viewed through a scheduled virtual Zoom meeting conducted by Chairperson, Jeanne Randorf.


  1. Approval of Minutes of June 17, 2020: Motion by Deb Fogel and seconded by Arlene Tolopkp


  1. Financial Report: see Treasurer, Shannon Albee’s report. Money for the Farmington River school sign is in the OCC account.


  1. Chair Report: Deb Fogel and Arlene Tolopko have renewed their membership to the Otis Cultural Council. Barrels around the Town of Otis have all been planted.  Doreen Hoddinott has volunteered to plant the two barrels at the Transfer Station, and one to the Town Beach sign and another at the Beach sign.  The 13 students happily received the gift certificates, given to the 2020 High School Graduates, from the OCC and the PTA. There must be at least 5 voting members in order to keep the OCC active.


  1. Options for the upcoming Grant cycle: A letter will be sent to the grantees that still have not done their programs in this FY may carry the encumbered monies into the next Grant Cycle. Many ideas from the members were suggested, such as book purchases. Jeanne Radnor discussed with Leah Chaffee about doing a program on “bi-racial” living in our Town and surrounding towns. Funds donated to the Otis Church restoration was suggested. Opening and running a Food Panty in Otis is needed.


  1. Recycling Program: OCC volunteers are working their scheduled turn at the recycling center.



Meeting was adjourned at 6:50PM


Next Meeting: September 16, 2020 at 6PM to be conducted via Zoom technology by Chairperson, Jeanne Randorf.


Submitted by Vicki Ernst