Cultural Council Meeting Minutes 06/17/2020

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OCC Minutes

June 17, 2020


Attendees: Chairperson: Jeanne Randorf, Arlene Tolopko, Carol Lombardo, Treasurer: Shannon Albee, Deb Fogel, Recording Secretary: Vicki Ernst


  • Call to Order: 6:08PM Meeting was viewed through a scheduled virtual Zoom meeting conducted by Chairperson, Jeanne Randorf.


  • Approval of Minutes of May 20, 2020: Motion by Shannon Albee and seconded by Carol Lombardo


  • Financial Report: $3200 in Town account will be spent by June 30th. The Select Board approved level funding of $5000 for the next grant cycle 2020-2021. Motion was made by Vicki Ernst and seconded by Jeanne Randorf, to give the 13 graduating seniors $30 each to go through the PTA. OCC will also contribute $200 to a  food pantry. If more funding is needed the OCC will contribute another $100 in July to food pantry.


  • Chair Report: Deb Fogel and Arlene Tolopko need to write a letter to Town requesting reappointment to the OCC as their term is up.


  • Gardeners for the Otis Beautification Barrels : Barrels have been planted. Thank you to all the people who participated. Each gardener has received a $30 gift card to the Otis Ridge Flower Shop. A motion was made by V. Ernst and approved unanimously to get Jamie Carr a gift card to the Big Y in appreciation for all she has done for the Town.


  • Recycling Program: OCC volunteers have begun working their turn at the recycling center.



Meeting was adjourned at 6:50PM


Next Meeting: July 15, 2020 at 6PM to be conducted through a virtual Zoom meeting by Chairperson, Jeanne Randorf.


Submitted by Vicki Ernst